Why are these leaves curling like THE CLAW?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by alco0515, Nov 11, 2022.

  1. Gorilla Glue Autoflowers

    Spider Farm SF light, 14 inches from canopy.

    69-75 degrees night/day

    50-60% humidity

    Grown in Fox Farm Soil

    Given mostly pH'ed PUR filtered water, occasional Fox Farm trio nutrients.

    I think that I had a pH issue early that I corrected but I have no idea why these leaves are curling so hard. I thought the soil in this fabric pot may have been drying much more slowly than the others but it's not bouncing back and it's pretty dry now.

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  2. Fox Farm 'soil' is a common factor in many of these similar images.
  3. Strange, so nutrient burn? I've never had this problem before but that would make sense, I've seen others mention it.

    What is the solution? Flush?
  4. I love FF, it's a hot soil but it's the best store bought soil I've ever used.
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  5. Do you think that it is what is causing my issue? Like I said, I've never had this problem in the past.
  6. Totally agree, I'm a lazy grower in many respects, and I've never had a bad result just mixing straight FF Ocean forest and some fish compost or the 3.0 mix from build a soil website, mix it 50/50 in 5 gal pots. I prefer the fish compost as it has more microbes that can act as a buffer if I screw up nutes. (I know there are better mixes out there, but....I'm lazy and just like dumping from the bag)

    For the young ones its like 70% happy frog 30% of the darker fish compost on the bottom, and those roots race right to it, 2 weeks from seed and they are usually ready for transplant for me.
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  7. Never had an issue with it throughout 3 grows, even growing from seeds. It's hot but not enough to negatively impact the plants unless you start to give nutes before 3 weeks. In up to 10 gallon pots, I start nutes at about 28 days.
  8. It would be be helpful to add another pic of the full plants and mention the dosage of nutes and how often you give them.
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    Apologies, here is the plant in question.

    I've given it the Fox Farm Grow Big in 1 watering about 4-5 weeks in.
    I've given it the Fox Farm Grow Big + Big Bloom in 1 Watering about 6-7 weeks in.

    Plants started the first week of October.

    The rest has been strictly pH'ed filtered tap water.

    These are the rest of the plants, which I know I could use some tips on as well. First time with Autos is proving more difficult than my other grow.


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  10. You've only fed them twice? They need a lot more than that
  11. So load up on the nutrients? I was under the impression they would have plenty from the soil for the first month.
  12. Not for nearly a month yea, but usually you feed every other watering after that

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