Why are these drooping ...fan leaves

Discussion in 'General' started by Bryant88, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. 7th week of flower they starred droopong ...
  2. Here’s sorry...

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  3. could over watering ,underwatering ,heat stress ,or over feeding i can see brown tips of the leaves ,,,,mac,
  4. It’s hydroponics it’s under a 240 watt led about 8 inches so I don’t think it could be heat

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  5. Pictures in normal lighting say alot more then the purps of the LED. At 7 weeks have you stopped feeding? The tips are showing that there feeding off the plant, that is normal, but fan leaves drooping could be a number of other things, water PH, deficiency of sort, or there just about ready to chop.
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  6. They told me on another thread to chop in a week 5 days ago but the bottom still have some white pistols ...

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  7. Here’s 3 pics and no I didn’t flush I heard flushing was bad ? Don’t have ph meter using drops and solution

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  8. Not a hydro guy. But I heard flushing hydroponics is okay sometimes. Not too sure. You’ll have to ask someone doing hydro here
  9. you should not even have the water leaves now. pick em off
  10. ??? Water leaves ? Pick the leaves or the plant ? What do you mean

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  11. What the hell is a water leaf? Seriously. Lol...:confused:
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  12. when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg check out the trichomes on your buds ,,chart to help you decide ,,mac.
  13. The little brown marks on the tips of the leaves indicates over fertilizing, hooking leaves is another sign.
  14. I just added 3 gallons fresh water to the res I’m going to do that daily for a week ... would that be enough flush in a 35 gallon res .. probably 25 gallons of water though ..

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  15. Can I get a magnifying glass at Walmart ?

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