Why are there so many douche stoners? =/

Discussion in 'General' started by LovingTree, May 26, 2010.

  1. I have a few really great stoner friends. They're always really chill, and we just talk and laugh.

    But then your best friend wants to bring along some other people you kinda know, and they turn out to be complete douche bags, especially when you're high.

    This one kid knew I was high and NEW to weed, so he fucked with me un purpose and made fun of me like I was a retard....

    is it just hazing because i'm new? Or is that just not right, idk. It doesn't kill my buzz, but it bothers me. =/

    Anyone ever have these kinda problems?
  2. its either hes simply a dbag both when hes high and when hes sober

    or hes just fucking with you cause ur new to smoking.
  3. its got nothing to do with being a stonner....no matter what group you break people down into.....most of them just plan suck!

    race, religion, geographic location.....it does not matter how you break the people down.....the majority of them are douche bags
  4. Some people are just douchebags. Its sad but we even have some here. They dont last long though
  5. From my perspective, most PEOPLE are douchers.

    I avoid everyone ^_^
  6. haha sum pepl become straight dumb blitz :p
  7. You gotta bite his ear. Thats how you show stoners who's boss.
  8. Why are people douche bags in general? I'll tell you why, humanity sucks. They probably mean no harm but if it does bother you then I suggest not smoking with those people. They have been smoking for longer and they feel the need to pick on you for not being as "experienced" as they are. I do that to noobs sometimes but it's all fun and games. Remember, they all started just like you did. Coughing up a lung, watery eyes, being high off 2 hits, etc. As long as it's all fun and games try not to let it bother you. But if it crosses the line and gets to be too much then fuck those people and either smoke by yourself or with other people. There is a limit for everything and a lot of people like to exceed that. Don't let them.
  9. Yeah, dude was a total dbag. No question about it.
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    I love everyone.

  11. Yeah there are dbag stoners, ^^^^^ Case in point.

    Using hemp rope to light a bowl is only done by dbag stoners?

    And wtf jewbags? Gtfo of here with that shit.
  12. Ya i would have to agree with OP, but yet i still pick on ppl when there new to smoking but it's all in a joking manner and right after i say something i tell them how things work and help them in there times. thats how it worked when i was new to smoking kids picked on me but still told me how it was and they taught me a lot.
  13. Wwhatever.
  14. why are so many people who breathe air are douche bags? Exactly... :smoke:
  15. hahahahah:hello:
  16. stand up n tell them to stop fuckin with u instead of comin on the boards n complainin here. Life is tough, a lot of ppl r assholes and insecure about themselves so they try to put ppl down. And when they find that making fun of u really affects u then they keep doing it, just ignore them or let them kno to stop fuckin around
  17. slow down, if you wait for the douche bag to take their time first their cover is blown and they are forced to revert to normal people, if they call you a noob or something just put your hand up in their face and speak, "chill out". Say you've got slow hands.
  18. Douchebaggery will never end.

  19. You said it all man. :hello:

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