Why are there sick ass movies?

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  1. By that I mean The Human Centipede movies, and worst of all A Serbian Film. Who the fuck likes watching shit like that? I would be surprised if anyone has seen the last one, but if so please comment on why you saw that fucked up movie.
  2. Why are there romantic comedies?
  3. Why are there like 12 Halloween films?
  4. Why?

    Why not? Its a creative peek into the versed human psyche..however fucked up that may be sometimes. Don't doubt for a second anyone isn't battling their demons; we are constantly at war-within ourselves.
  5. idk man human centipede was kinda interesting from a horror standpoint but that serbian shit is just nasty ass porn from the wiki page

    why do they make these movies i dont know sooner or later theres gonna a real character like in human centipede 2 and wanna do this shit really and gets off on it
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    I love shit like this.. There's worse shit than A Serbian Film , but im a fucked up cunt and i like watching wack shit.

    The fact that people do worse shit than this in real life interests and intrigues me.

    Im kinda freaky dawg
  7. I masturbated to the human centipede... I totally jizzed when the asían dude shitted in that girls mouth.
  8. The Human Centipede was ridiculously bad. The idea itself is potentially disturbing, but falls to the category of "Let's try too hard to shock a shitload of people with minimum budget and the shittiest actors available!"
  9. Sometimes they just want to shock, and sometimes they really want to put out an interesting story that just happens to be fucked up. If done well it can make for a really interesting film... but its rarely ever done well.

    Lars Von Trier is a director who makes shock movies but kinda does a good job managing them and making things interesting. The first half of Antichrist was actually good. But it had Willam Defoe acting in it, so go figure
  10. Man I thought The Human Centipede 2 and A Serbian Film was hot:confused_2:

    Tha last weird movie I seen was Dogtooth
  11. I've seen both Human Centipede movies and I just find them boring. They have a lot of disgusting moments in them, but it's all just graphic display with no heft behind it -- truly fucked up movies make you feel like you're watching something from a truly depraved mind that has given thought to the horrific aspects of life (Gaspar Noe). Otherwise, these movies feel empty on a deeper level and don't make me lose sleep like others have done.
  12. Why do I watch scat porn? I don't know

    But hostel was pretty fucked up. That scene where the girl got her eye blowtorched was sorta fucked. Other than that, movies don't gross me out so much. Human centipede was Childs play for me
  13. I fapped.

    To both.
  14. If you think those two are even remotely sick or disturbing, you need to start watching good films. Those two movies are shite.
  15. I agree Demiurge. It isn't about how sick it is, they can't even express the infinite torment that could never be conceived on a film. There are worse films out there (compared to that) and a large number of people who dedicate themselves to "uploading/sharing" the worst acts of humanity. Not much can get worse than what's occurring in Syria and it's all on video. Women/children burned alive and shot down, postal workers pushed off buildings.. People want to see death it's part of what we are and will ALWAYS be interesting. There are a few films that explain better.
  16. Than don't watch Lars von Trier's Antichrist
  17. Shit you havent seen August underground before have you??
    THATS sick!
  18. Human Centipede 7/10 First half (surgery) scared the shit out of me. But the end sucked and the girls were so dumb it's not believable. I mean who the fuck would go drag their unconscious friend around a psychos house for 5 minutes when they could just run for help. Also the thought of eating shit.

    Human Centipede 2 2/10 Scary parking garage scenes, the rest was one-dimensional and kinda boring. And again just being gross to be gross. The first one showed a little restraint.

    A Serbian Film 3/10 Baby rape is going too far. Had a decent premise but too worried about shocking people so the plot was thin and boring.
  19. gory movies ftw that's why. It is fucked up but still you just watch it just to see how far it will go. I havent seen those movies you mentioned but ive seen many others.
  20. I watched the first 15 or so minutes of August Underground Mordum up until they start raping that girl in the box, then I had to turn it off because I was seriously going to throw up.

    Probably won't stop me from trying to watch it again; morbid curiosity I guess.

    Is it just me or was Salo (120 Days of Sodom) a pointless film? It was supposedly a work of art and social criticism of fascist Italy (I gather), but the meaning seemed totally lost in bad acting and a gratuitous amount of weird "eroticism", for lack of a better term. I'll also say that it wasn't as disturbing as the reviews would have you think, probably because it lacks believability. It just doesn't draw you in like Hostel or the Saw movies do.

    I'm actually about 5 minutes in to A Serbian Film...after reading about it, not sure I'll make it through the entire thing, worth a shot I guess.

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