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Why are there fireworks today?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by garrison68, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. For some reason, this evening, I keep hearing people shooting off fireworks. The only holiday that I can find for today is the Hebrew holiday of Purim - I wonder if the Jews are responsible for the explosions? :hello:
  2. national women day lol. surprised anyone celebrates it
  3. I know, but I don't think that's what the fireworks are for.
  4. tell em to get back where they belong...you know the punchline
  5. Because fireworks are fucking fun
  6. It's AMURICA! Everyday we blow shit up!
  7. why can't somebody just set fireworks off because they like the colors?
  8. Fireworks are highly illegal in NYC, for the past 15 years or so there's been zero tolerance. When I was a kid much of the city sounded like a war zone on the 4th of July - especially in Brooklyn. The cops would usually warn you, if they even bothered to come around, and sometimes take them away, but not any more - now it's a criminal offense. People still do it, but nothing like it used to be back then when dealers of illegal fireworks had lists printed up with the various products to choose from - they had pretty much everything that you could buy in the states were they were legal from sparklers, roman candles and firecrackers of all strengths to elaborate aerial display items. Another source of fireworks was Chinatown, but that was risky you never knew what was in the bottom or middle of the package, sometimes just newspaper.
  9. How do cops know if you are setting of fireworks? Do they just wait around a corner and see them fly up in the air and try to pinpoint house? Or are there neighbors that call them in? Even with ground fireworks I'd imagine it's near impossible for a cop to figure out where the sound was coming from, unless they got tipped off.

    God, what fucking assholes neighbors they would be. "I'm sorry that noise for a matter of a couple minutes is too much for me to handle."
  10. They used to have a big 4th of July fireworks show and party in Ozone Park, staged by John "The Dapper Don" Gotti. The topic of the article below is about the one that they held in 1989. I rememer reading that one year, probably after this one, it ended early with the cops raiding the show, while Gotti's people put the fireworks in a pile, or in dumpsters, and lit them off all at once. Brooklyn had similar shows put on by certain organizations, some of which I attended, but they were not as big as the Ozone Park extravaganzas.

  11. Kony was arrested.
  12. [quote name='"CanadianLady420"']Kony was arrested.[/quote]

    LOL classsic
  13. All those trendy kids who know so much about African politics after watching a 30 minute video can rest knowing that their 2 dollars a month made the world a better place...
  14. I think even with ground fireworks I'd imagine it's near impossible for a cop to figure out where the sound was coming from, unless they got tipped off.[​IMG]
  15. was there nice weather in your community today op

  16. Little windy but not bad. I was in Manhattan yesterday (Friday), it was cold but no rain.

  17. hey hey hey not just in AMURICA also in The Netherlands :laughing: I heard some fireworks last night too :D

  18. Dude I am so fucking jealous of you I wish I lived in NYC.

    A friend of mine is moving back up there from maryland, his pops lives in Brooklyn.

  19. Does his father light up? I don't know anybody in my age bracket anymore that does anymore - although they are out there, sometimes I see older people doing it in on quiet streets.

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