Why Are The Mods Of This Site So Mean Or Have They Changed??

Discussion in 'General' started by Haloman4200, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Here about three years ago mt friend said he made an account on here as Haloman813. He said He made one post about something like (Hey guys who something or another abou pot). Well he was booted for that single post. He said if I go on here and put a name with anything that says Haloman I would get booted. So lets find out together ladies and gentlemen. :hello:
  2. A rather pointless thread
  3. Because they can do what they want. This thread will get deleted soon too.
  4. So why did you get banned?
  5. LoL. I thought this was general discussion. I think I speaking generally. :wave:
  6. I've never had an issue with the mods. In fact, all of them have been supremely nice to me.

    Know why that is? Because I took the time out to read the rules when I joined this site, and I've followed them since.

    It's not difficult at all.
  7. Dude, we're not mean and we don't ban people just for posting. We ban people when they violate the rules. SOME rules violations will get you banned quicker than others, such as trying to discuss drugs we don't allow discussions about with your first few posts, or trying to get a hookup with your first few posts. BOTH of those scenarios will get you banned very very fast.

    Otherwise we're pretty lenient. Sure we're very vigorous about enforcing the rules BUT you get usually two warnings before you get infraction points, and you get 50 infraction points before you're automatically banned. PLUS most infraction points will expire after awhile.

    So it's not like we're mean. We're strict. There's a difference.

    And in any case, it appears that you need to review the rules. We have one that specifically states we don't allow discussions about the rules or the moderation here.

  8. IN addition, I'd just like to add, you never get the FULL story from these types of threads.

    The dude was banned originally for spamming up the forums with advertising links. THEN he proceeded to make at least 4 other accounts that we know of. As everyone here should know that won't fly no matter what.

    So a word to the wise OP - review the rules and follow them - because while we won't ban you just on your name, you won't get any special treatment here and because you're associated with a previously banned member we won't hesitate to pull the trigger again if you step out of line or violate the rules again.
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