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Why are some people so against weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 8, 2011.

  1. Some of my friends are actually so against it. I even explain the real facts and the real information and they accept all of it. But they're still extremely anti. What's the reasoning of some people?
  2. Keep a cool head, try to see another individuals point of view. Many times when people feel strongly about a subject it clouds there ability to think. Maybe its the persona of the typical stoner? You know, the kid who sits on his couch all day getting stoned, not doing anything or going anywhere in life. Or maybe they have had a relative where drugs have ruined there life, so now there opinion on ALL drugs is the same. Maybe they dont support it because they feel they dont need it or wouldnt enjoy it. Doesnt make you or them right, just a part of being human to have differing opinions.
  3. Because they dont agree with the purpose of it. They dont care if it cant kill or whatever. Its the reason YOU do it they dont agree with.
  4. because they SUCK!!
  5. Why are some people so obsessed with it? I find that far more irritable.
  6. Many people subscribe to the bandwagon mentality...cannabis is becoming more and more accepted in mainstream society, and the percentage of folks who are okay with it continues to rise. As soon as it is socially acceptable to do so, more people will speak out in favor of pot (or at the very least, not speak out against it).

    With that said -- we're not exactly represented very well as a community. The most vocal potheads who most people see on TV or hear on the radio speaking out on behalf of cannabis legalization are burnt-out schmucks who never did anything with their lives, so it's difficult to convince people who are successful and influential to support the "cause" with the current base of users...

  7. I agree 100%. But adding, people who ARE successful are in the dark in fear it would ruin there reputations. Kinda sucks. No CEO would go, "hey man, I smoke pot and Im pretty successful", most likely because he would get fired.
  8. If they are the CEO they arent going to get fired. Its just bad PR
  9. Most people dislike the fact that it's illegal more than they dislike weed itself.
  10. Most companies have an anti-drug policy that every employed person must sign, including the CEO.
  11. Most of the people that I talk to that are against it are so because of the "gateway drug" theory more than any other reason. Sure they have other reasons too... But so many ppl are just to uneducated about the subject and even choose to stay ignorant.
  12. OP said they know the facts. Even if someone is well educated on a subject doesnt mean they arent allowed to have there own views.
  13. All for PR reasons.
  14. People are against weed because they don't understand it. For too long, both in the country, and throughout the world, such a great deal of misinformation has been spread, that now, people don't know what to think.

    There are those like us, who tried weed, have researched the true effects of it, and know that there are very few dangers associated with its use. There are also those that don't personally use it, but at least understand that it isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. But, there are still many people out there who believe all of the propoganda. And its not necessarily that they're stupid or anything, they're just set in there ways and will continue to believe what they have.

    And you can say you've explain the facts to them as much as you want, but it'll take more than that to get them to believe it.
  15. Because they dont care

    Thats a big thing Im seeing here. A lot of people here expect people to care about weed as much as they do. They dont. They really couldnt care if its the savoir or humanity, or the reason hitler started the holocaust.
  16. I think its more of a liability issue, but thats not the issue :D
  17. Some will like it, some won't. Don't try and push it on others. It's okay to ask if someone wants to smoke, but if they say no, don't ask again.
  18. I understand your opinion, and I agree with it. But what about the people who DO understand all the facts. You cannot categorize all people who dont agree with your opinion into those who are not educated on the subject. Thats just silly.
  19. Yes, but just because people don't care, doesn't mean they should remain ignorant on the subject. I don't expect others to care about weed, but those who remain being very anti-pot do care. If they didn't, they'd be indifferent to it. They care about pot, they just care about it for the wrong reasons.
  20. some people just aren't into some shit. some people play games, and some don't. its personal preference bud, let people have their own opinions, don't run em.

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