Why are some people only for decriminalization

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  1. Some people don't want weed to be legal they only want it to be decriminalized. 

  2. Legal- its not a crime but its completely controlled by the government and all profits go to government.

    Full decriminalization- not a crime and its not controlled by a single entitity. We can grow and smoke as we please and even make some profit.

    I'm all for full decriminalization
  3. Double edged sword. In Colorado, we voted in Amendment 64 and this gave the state the power to insert their will on many issues. They immediately decided they would try to limit the plant count of Caregivers to 5 patients. They decided that edibles should only have 10 milagrams per serving (that won't get any of us high without eating a shit load) and they decided that you can only smoke in your yard or house. The over regulation is getting tougher by the day. Prior to this, they pretty much left us alone.
  4. then don't buy some recreational stores and continue to get buy off the black market :s
  5. Lol there would be no black market.
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    Decriminalization -
    1) If you get caught selling you're in deep trouble (keeping dealers paranoid as fuck)
    2) You get caught growing a plant you're in deep trouble.
    3) If you get caught with concentrates you're in deep trouble.
    4) You're forced to buy from a dealer who usually offers only one strain at a time (you have dozens of strains to to choose from at a legal weed shop)
    5) Weed paraphernalia will often get you in trouble also
    Legalize it.
  7. Well imo legalization sucks and it should be medical use only(obviously people take advantage of it, which is fine) because I don't want corporations taking control of my weed; and I know I can grow my own but I'm in a situation in which I can't.
  8. I can't understand it either. The black market sucks IMO. I can't tell you how many times I had to jump through hoops just to get a sack of weed. Then, there are the dry spells. Then, if you call your connect too many times, you risk pissing him off and having him tell you to find another dealer. Then, your dealer gets arrested. Then, you agree to a certain amount, and he only sells you half of that "to be fair to his other customers".
         Then, you need to call him a few days early so that he knows you want some on a certain day. Then, "something came up" so he tells you to call him on Monday. Then, you call him on Monday and he never answers his phone. Then, you finally reach him on Wednesday, and he tells you to call him at noontime on Friday. SHIT !!
           IMO, dispensaries are a Godsend. I just don't like being cooped up indoors every time I smoke one. Smoking in the great outdoors is the bomb.
  9. What are you talking about? We are talking about decriminalization, which means it would still be illegal to buy and sell weed. THERE WOULD STILL BE A BLACK MARKET.
    There is still a black market in Colorado because it's over regulated.
  10. These decriminalization people don't understand that decriminalization does not mean without penalty. I don't believe the government should have the authority to extract money from me for possessing a plant. I live in a decrim state and I can still go to prison for cultivation. I still can go to prison for sale. If I sold you sunflowers, no one would care. If I sold you cannabis, in a decrim state, I could get in trouble. How is that OK? The possession, cultivation, and sale of cannabis should have NO LEGAL REPERCUSSIONS. No special licenses, no state monopoly. I should be able to open a mom & pop store and sell cannabis that I grow. I should also be able to arm myself without facing federal weapons charges while possessing a controlled substance, but I digress. 
    I get that legalization means the state will tightly control and regulate it, because it's a cash crop and the state tends regulate things to death and milk the efficiency and productivity out of the industry until people are forced into the black market where they can arrest and fine people that way. But I would still prefer legalization over decriminalization. 
    If you prefer decrim to legalization, you're uninformed on what that actually means. That, or you just don't care that the people you buy dimebags from can still go to prison, but you'll be off the hook because what you possess can't put you in prison. 
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    You were referring to stores. Any store you can buy weed is in a legalized era. No BM. If it was decriminized you're right there would be a black market but that's not what your first post was about

    Maybe not no black market but it would be so small. Full legalization will cripple it
  12. There will still be a black market since most college and high school kids aren't old enough to buy weed from a legal shop.
    Plus some people think the legal shops overcharge for weed so they'd rather get it cheaper in the black market.
    Weed should be like tomato, pepper, squash, or any other plant you buy at your local garden store. Zero regulations and zero tax, other than local sales tax -- which is inevitable.
  14. I can go buy a chemical government cake.
    But you can not make your own cake or get cake from anywhere else. Or even think about other cake.
  15. The fuck am I reading? Are people really this clueless? Or do all of you not care?
  16. There's still a black market for alcohol, unregulated weed isn't going anywhere.

    How about full federal legalization that prohibits employers from screening their employees for marijuana. I don't think it's right that smoking weed can allow you to be terminated or denied employment.

    Corporations will only take over what you are willing to give to them. Post legalization you can vote with your feet and with your wallet. Buy from local grows, keep mom and pop operations afloat. It will probably cost more than whatever mass produced shit big business comes out with but it will be worth it.
  17. I really don't understand why my cash strapped country (Ireland), won't legalize cannabis.
    If it's legalised it becomes safer, shady dealers are removed and the government can tax it and make millions, it will boost tourism, it can be used as a substitute for painkillers and above all it's effectively harmless. 
    This place has worse problems with HUGE alcohol consumption/alcoholism rates but you never hear anyone saying anything about that. 
  18. There are a lot of health concerns that need to be researched and recorded before national governments can rightfully allow their citizens to lawfully consume cannabis. Do we need another tobacco epidemic?
  19. Full decrim is the best option. No limits or regulation on production,retail sales or possession. This would keep cash in the hands of who deserve it, the same people that have kept everyone medicated/high all these years..The decrim that is in some states and the one that less informed citizens tend to site is legalization "lite". It is not full decrim if there are limits on amounts you can produce, possess or sell.
    I live in a legal state and I have to say that $22.75 for a g is robbery and anyone that supports that owns a rec shop or works for the LCB. BTW no one should be going to jail or prison for a plant. To say that legalization is the way is misinformed, in my state you will still be charged with possession if your holding more than your alloted amount of an Oz

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