Why are some governments so soft on

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  1. pedophiles???


    This dude just got sentenced 3 years and you got people getting sentenced to 20-30 years for smuggling marijuana?. If anything, shouldnt the sentences be the other way?. I have been wondering what the deal is with governments and their softenss when it comes to pedophiles. The only reason I can think of, the catholic pedophilia issue and catholicism is heavily embedded within western governments. Catholics controls the government and therefore these other countries follow suit, just like they follow suit with their marijuana policies.


  2. Yeah here's a thought.......... i think you smoked your self retarded.

    I agree that pedophiles should be subject to public castration but your little conspiracy theory you got going on there is pretty...... shall we say amazing.
  3. Sorry, i didnt mean catholics itself. I mean CHRISTIANITY as a whole that controls the western government.

    If you are going to reply, please reply with some actual logic to debunk my theory...
  4. So you're saying christianity as a whole supports pedophilia and influences entire governments to lessen sentences for a crime a few of it's priests committed? I understand that they can't help being attracted to kids but if they act on it they deserve ALOT more than 3 years of daily ass poundings.
  5. i agree it's a fucked up system. while i was going to school in wisconsin, there was a case of a man having sex with cows. He came forward and turned himself in. He got more time in prison than the man a county over who raped a 12 year old girl at the same time period.....the system is definatly quarky.
  6. I wouldnt say support but definitely on the defensive end when it comes to this issue. Lets face it, the american government is run by christians and countries follow what america does when it comes to politics since america is the strongest out there. And its not just priests themselves that are guilty of this(Thousands of native indians were victimized by the authorities too) and we dont know if its a "few" since the guilty only comes out when the victims speaks out. There could be hundreds of thousands more.

    If we really think about it, what is the main reason for this leniency on pedophiles?. Even in prison where barbarism is a norm and have done some crazy stuff to other human beings see pedophiles as the lowest of the low. Why cant the government see that?. There has to be a reason for that. The only strong link that I can think of is the christianity link. Protection of the image by all means necessary.

  7. Yeah that is exactly what im saying. And its kinda of sad that its fairly acceptable to butcher animals assembly line style but beastiality is seen much worse.

  8. There are cruelty to animal laws in act that add time to crimes committed towards animals. That's why he got more time.

    They thought it was pretty cruel for the guy to lure cows over to him and then fuck em. HAHAHA
  9. Are you now equating the butchering of a cow to provide nutritious meat for families to eat........With some guy out in the barn fucking a cow? lol

    I mean that's what you just posted, right?

  10. I was wondering the same thing. But I thought, maybe he is a Vegan.
  11. A barn?. LMAO. Do you know how burger king and mcdonald fast food gets made?. That is FAR from nutritional. Do you know how much chemical those animals eat so they can get bigger and bigger?. The production of meat has become a factory like system, not like what your suggesting. They go in a line and they get their whole soul mutilated.

    Whats funny is that you think fukin some cow is much worse than strangling a doped up chicken so places like KFC can dip it into artificial ingridients and dip it into trans fat oil and call that nutritional. Nothing physically wrong with fukin an animal unless you catch some disease, its the social view on how it is considered the WORSE act of man kind.

    And that is only food, products made out of animals is not even included on there.
  12. Im not a vegan btw, i eat meat just like everybody else. But im TRYING to change the lifestyle im programmed with since birth.

  13. Should have heard about the guy in enumclaw, washington. Let himself get fucked by a horse, the horse tripped so his big horse dig dug deeper inside and caused massive internal bleeding. The guy died a couple hours later.

  14. HAHAhahahahahahahahahahahaha........Muahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......
    hahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa. That has to be the funniest shit I've heard all weekend.
  15. Yea, i heard that bullshit, ain't there a video of it on the web?
  16. Man i need some KFC right about now yummy yummy KFC grr i would tear into a extra crispy drumstick.
  17. i know this is off topic, but

    when did KFC or anyone ever come out and say that their food is "nutritional"? Let them serve whatever they like, you don't have to purchase it.

    nothing wrong with having sex with animals?? dude.. are you serious? I'm far from one of these moral nutjobs that run around telling people what they should and shouldn't be doing.. but dude.. wtf?

    as far as pedophilia.. not only are some world govt's very liberal about it, look at some of our states. The penalties between states like texas and vermont are insanely different.
  18. I agree with AW.

    There isn't even a standard in the age of consent. Some states are still 16. So a 55 year old (or someone of any age) could rape a 16 year old and since he/she isn't a minor, it isn't as stiff of a penalty.
  19. Ya. Very graphic. One of my friends showed to me that sick fuck haha.
  20. Yeah it's up there with 2girls1cup, it's some nasty weird shit...that I watched for some reason...hey I thought he would die during the video...

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