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Why are some bongs so expensive?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rounder975, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. As the title says.. I will keep it simple: what makes one bong better than the next?

    Please be specific about FUNCTION of each part (please don't say well some bongs have mad good diffusers, etc) because this is something thats confused me a lot and it continually appears to be hype as to which is better than the next. I've asked people this question before and no one seems to know of a solid answer for me.

    I see some bongs that look identical and one is $250 more than the whats the deal? I know that glass thickness is one key matter, and I can understand that.

    But what about the rest?
  2. Different factors can play into the price of a bong, but the key ones too notice when wondering about a high price is how much labor the artist put in to the piece, the type/amount of glass used (this can obviously play into how large the bong is itself), and the special features that you are talking about. Diffuser, for instance, is when the downstem of the bong that rests in the water and holds your bowl is "diffused" with several small holes at the end of the stem sticking in the water, purpose being that it will release smaller bubbles when you hit it as opposed to larger ones giving you a smoother hit. Percolators are always cool, where you have a tube going up where the smoke travels through and then filters out through several small slits that the artist put in there, to give you even more filtration, then you can get ice notches, which are pretty self explanatory, and also an ashcatcher is a fancy add on. Creates another water chamber for your smoke to travel through before it hits the actual main water chamber creating a smoother hit for you, and also catching the ash as the name implies.
  3. Alright then.. good information. I guess the name RooR carries some weight though, because I've seen some very basic RooR bongs that people have spent a lot of money on.
  4. I just posted a thing on bong advice i am building my own custom bong. I used to collect bongs but always realized i used one more than the rest. I have concluded that all you need is one bong so buy big But if you are going to spend over 100 dollars on a bong Buy a ROOR. Here is the website i am building through. No bong will ever out due the one you built yourself proffesionally it's sentimental as well as expensive and one of a kind. With the power to make you say one hit's all i need. You'll be the envy of your buddies as well as have a great bong for life. Don't mind the price when it comes to roor bongs you won't need to buy another bong again. unless you brake it or get caught in public that is. Research bongs some more and you will find these bongs are the best. If bill gates has a bong then he has a custom roor cause you won't find better quality anywhere i Have Dreamed of having one and have finally saved enough. Get smart, Budget and save then buy a roor. Oh sorry for not explaining anything about what different peices do. Just remember roor, goofe around with other bongs but when it's time to get serious buy a roor.

    Bronson Wells
  5. alright.... i love bongs and you get what you pay for.

    i have a £50 acrlyic bong and no other acrylic bong under that price can even stand in its shadow.
  6. You just said pretty much what the OP said not to do, ie, just spout off a name brand and say it's the best without any evidence of functionality.

    I don't see how a RooR is going to outperform a $20 plastic bong. They do the same thing; they move smoke through water, let it collect, then you inhale it. As it turns out, bongs aren't even healthier than joints since everywhere the smoke touches you lose THC, even in the water itself. You lose some 20% to the bowl itself, 8% to the stem, 3.3% to the water, and another 8% to plant material that falls into the water ( Diffusers and other things like electronic paddles all do nothing but decrease the amount of THC in the smoke while taking out negligible amounts of tars and other dangerous things in the smoke. I think it's completely absurd to invest $400 into a piece that has the functionality of a a $4 homemade piece. Sure it takes a lot more work to create, but would you buy a $1500 computer that performs the same as a $150 one because it took some guy a long time to make the $1500 one? Of course not. There's not even much artistry in a RooR. There are much much more artistic and aesthetically pleasing bongs out there for less if that's what you're interested in. Buying a RooR or PHX is tantamount to paying $350 to a company to advertise for them on your glass. It boggles the mind.
  7. i'm using a powerade bottle, ball point pen, electrical tape, and tin foil (in that order). i go cheap.
  8. those glass blowers put thought and design into a bong - Ive seen bongs that are thousands - There are plenty of expensive bongs on grasscity you could check out - Its all about the quality

  9. you just dont get it man, theres nothing like a good bong, and if you blow out the smoke and the cloud clears and the first thing you se is your massive glass bong with a/c n diffuser you just feel good.

    EDIT: btw i make ALOT of homemades too, and its nowere near as good.

  10. gheto riged
  11. ^^ no kidding

    its one of those things that if you have to ask youll probably never know, have fun smoking out of orange juice cartons fellas

    glass is taste neutral, unlike metal and plastic. Glass tastes much better, and to think you guys think any glass compares to plastic, let alone a roor, is simply laughable.

    why do you think beer is available in both glass bottles and metal can?? In the earlier days before they had special linings on beer cans, you would have a beer that tastes like metal. I believe glass bottles were to expensive to bottle beer at this time until the coke a cola bottle revolutionized the glass bottle maker.--some people even today still would rather drink beer out of a glass bottle over a metal can.
  12. i dont know a single person that dosent.
  13. All in the quality man. Given you dont have to buy a mean ass RooR for some nice GonG action. You can go with a nice blank GonG. But theres nothing like a RooR or if anything another good brand.
  14. that's a fact.

  15. I guess thats like saying why would you wanna drive a ferrari when you can drive Kia?

    People throw down large amounts for quality bongs for a few reasons:

    1. Performance - I'm quoting you here: "why would you buy a $1500 computer that performs the same as a $150 one?"

    The answer to that question is that you wouldnt want to do that....IF the performance was the same. However, the "performance" isnt the same. The end result? Probably the same....but certainly not the performance. Performance and end result are two different things.

    Make up one of those plastic bottle bongs or use some shitty acrylic.....then take some hits off of a roor, phx, toro, etc..and try telling me the performance is the same.

    2. A Hobby - For most people who invest in RooRs or other types of high quality bongs, it becomes somewhat of a hobby. You can have yours custom made for you...exactly the way you want it. You can buy add-ons, custom slides or one-off slides, diffusers, and on and on....its fun. Theres a lot of satisfaction that comes after you take a big rip off of your top of the line bong, sit that baby on the table, and sit back and admire what a beautiful machine it really is.

    2. Bragging Rights - Whether or not you want to admit it, you know its true. You can tell a lot about a man by the size of his bong....I mean quality.:D
  16. Do u own a car or motorbike? have you ever take the a bus, train or plane? Why spend all that money if you could just walk? Comofrt and Performance.
  17. A good rule of thumb.

    Patron: Is this really worth $100
    Craftsman: Well, can you make one yourself?
    Patron: No
    Craftsman: Then yes it is worth $100 ;))
  18. If you drive a ferrari, you have a car that will get you from A to B faster and smoother than if you drove a kia. If you use an inexpensive bong with the same dimensions as a RooR or PHX, you will get the same high, at the same speed, with the same lung irritation. What am I missing here?

    As for the hobby and bragging rights, I'm not arguing. Keeping up with the Jones' by way of mindless consumerism is the American way because price is always equal to quality, right?

    I'm saying there is no performance difference. You will get exactly as high with a cheap bong with the same dimensions as an expensive one.
  19. glass bongs are better for all reasons except one, price.

    They are more visually pleasing, taste is comparable to none because of glass' neutral state. They are peices of art, they can be infused with color changing chemicals that make them better as you smoke.

    And nothing can beat the feeling of smooth glass on your face. For me. at least.
  20. I will tell you exactly why they are expensive. Bong and all marijuana pieces are a fairly new item on the market, got popular in the 70's i guess?. Manufacturers get greedy and realize they can make a bong that you could buy for $150+/- and sell it to you for 3 times that just because of a brand name. I may be high as shit right now but this is my opinion. Honestly i dont understand why people buy roors or expensive brand name 10-20" bongs. You can get an exact copy of a roor for mad cheap like $120. My bong is an exact copy of a roor but its like 16". It has everything...huge ice catcher, ash catcher, diffuser, etc...

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