Why are so many threads getting closed lately?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by purpleblaze, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. I mean some I agree with (like the massive one by the girl who had only been here two days), but others seem unnecessary (like the one about the lady getting checked by a policeman). What's the deal?
  2. Any thread that is closed violated a rule of some kind. -Trikky
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    The threads are being closed/deleted for reason. We're cracking down now more than ever on immaturity and such. There are some threads that reach a certian point and just need to be closed.

    If anyone has an issue with particular threads, then you need to PM me about it. Posting a thread about every thread closed isn't going to get a thread opened again.

    Keep in mind that the Admins, Super Moderators and Moderators do what they need/have to do for the City. If someone has an issue with the actions of any Super Moderator and Moderator, then I'll step in with the final word on whatever it is. You have to let me know about it though (via PM). Reading snide little comments in certain threads like the chatterbox one only makes the authors of the snide little comments look bad (I have no respect for anyone who does things like that)...plus, it risks having threads such as that one closed, as well.

    So, expect more closed threads and other actions in the near future. I'll be updating the rules today and posting them in every forum, also.
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