Why are so many southerners blind?

Discussion in 'General' started by marathon1, May 26, 2010.

  1. My gosh, its incredible how ignorant some of these people are.

    I posted a status on facebook that read

    Obama>>>Bush, that is all.

    and sure enough all Hell has seem to have broken lose. I was first asked to explain which I did by saying

    Well it's hard to screw up worse then Bush did

    The Iraq war, not catching Bin Laden, Hurricane Katrina, turning a surplus into a deficit, Abu Ghraib are just a handful of his F ups.

    I think it will be a while before we find a President who screwed up as bad as Bush.

    here is one laughable comment I recieved

    Wait!? Who was the moron who pushed the national debt higher than every other president combined? Oh yes, Obama. And what exactly did all of that money go to? No one knows. Also, who is the idiot who thinks standardized healthcare is a good thing for the people and economy? Right, Obama again. And standardized healthcare is the first step toward what? Socialism. Get your facts straight before you start crap.

    I thought I had my facts straight.
  2. Its like saying green grapes are better than red grapes. Yeah, people are still going to argue which ones better, but whatever way you look at it you still end up with douchebags eating grapes.
  3. posting a political statement on facebook is just asking for trouble
  4. Just don't even bother man, most of those people will never change their opinion. It's like arguing with the trolls on GC, just another fruitless endeavor.
  5. I think I was wrong to be so blunt, I should have used IMO...But my goodness, It just blows my mind how people just blindly hate the guy down here.

    I am pretty certain it has something to do with the pigmentation of his skin, of course combined with the fact that he is a liberal.
  6. Mmmm, grapes... Mmmm, green...
  7. Ill just say, born and raised texan. What?

    But yeah, obama didnt put us into a debt. Bush did. Same w all he said
  8. Reading the title I was expecting to read something about people from the south actually being physically blind, lol.

    Political views voiced on the internet or anywhere for that matter is just asking for it.
  9. I'm not gonna lie, I do enjoy seeing the responses these people come up with.

    Ask a southerner why he hates Obama

    "Cause he is pushing us towards Socialism, Universal Health Care is the first step"

    I am always baffled by this...What evidence do they base this on, Considering every other Devoloped country has Universal Health care and none of them are Socialist.

    Its just too pathetic.
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    Idk man most of those things were National Crisis... I don't really see how you can blame bush for the debt caused mainly by a terrorist act which blew up the world trade centers, or for the war it got us into, or for Katrina which was a natural disaster. Sure it could've been handled better, but lets face it nobody was really prepared for any of that to happen and it's not like Bush was the only (or even the main) guy responsible.

    Sure he could've handled some situations better but I don't think he purposefully did anything malicious towards the U.S. The housing crisis was caused by the policies that were put into action under the Clinton administration (forcing banks to give "high-risk" loans/mortgages for home buyers).

    Obama is piling even MORE debt onto the TRILLIONS of debt we already had. The Obama administration is increasing the deficit substantially with all of their completely unnecessary federal programs (examples: Cash for Clunkers, Socialized Healthcare, Home-Buyer Credits, Multi-Billion Dollar Government Bailouts for both Car Manufacturers and Insurance Companies). Are these things awesome? Sure, if they were truly free they'd be GREAT! Thing is we're paying money we don't have to afford these programs, that's why china owns half the fucking country, we have to borrow money from them to support all of our programs and then we tax our labor so much that all the companies outsource to china... Is it any wonder our country's up to our eyeballs in fucking debt?

    But yeah... I don't hate any one person and I'm aware enough to realize that the shitty situation our country's in is not and never will be just one person's fault. I almost never think about or concern myself with politics, I actually came in here like the other dude thought you were talking about physical blindness lmfao. If you're gonna be mad at somebody, be mad at congress.

    Didn't expect to type that much o_O
  11. The problem is your just as sure they are fucking idiots as they are in thinking your a fucking idiot.
  12. Bush did alot to harm our country.
    Obama just hasnt really done shit period...definitely hasnt worked on problems he said he would.

    But no one knows for sure John McCain could have been even worse.

    Bush left a hell of a mess to clean up...people expecting Obama to magically wave his hands and make everything better are delusional...ANYONE would have a tough time trying to rebuild our economy...its not going to be easy and will take A LONG time. You can't undo 8 years overnight.

  13. Well you can say what you want about grapes, but the fact is, green grapes are much better. They have a better all around flavor, the color green is the same color as weed, and everyone knows that red grapes make you sterile.
  14. When you put something out there like Obama > Bush, then you are going to get responses. If you don't like these responses, then don't post things like that.
  15. Well, I suppose Obama >>> Bush if you think, you know, Pepsi >>> Coke.

    But I don't really want to get into that here, there's a political forum here to debate that all day.

    But yeah, were you expecting everyone to agree with you? You'd get a ton of people disagreeing with you if you said Bush >>> Obama. Also, you live in Alabama apparently... not exactly a liberal stronghold, I imagine, so a lot of your friends in your area probably would not be not be fans of Obama.
  16. They both have the same puppet masters in big business. You don't get elected without support from them.

    They create an illusion that there is a difference but in reality you get into the nitty gritty, they're just as bad as each other.
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    Thank you, lol.
    So anyone who doesn't support Obama is a "southerner"?
    That's what you're making it out to sound like.
    There are people both in the north and south ends of the country that differ on political views, favoring Obama or Bush.
    I know this may come as a complete shock to you, but not everybody thinks the same.
  18. Why do people have strong opinions on who is the better president? It's not like the president gives a fuck. I mean, when Bush was president, everyone wanted to impeach him and nothing happened. So clearly, what the public wants doesn't matter so why even bother caring at all?
  19. What do you expect with political issues? People go ape shit.
  20. I dont think this has to do with southerners...

    You posted a troll comment about politics of course you are going to get a lot of flak.

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