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Why are so many people against pot?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Jan 1, 2013.

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    It seems like the majority of people today don't like pot, why is that? The therapeutic effects are so beneficial. I've learned so much and have had very profound and meaningful experiences.
  2. well the dare program for the older generation and the younger generation has outdated textbooks saying weed causes cancer and is a gateway
  3. It's almost like weed is on the same level as beer for some people......
  4. Basically non-smokers use scare tactics that work on alot of people.
  5. they prob smoked beasters
  6. the gateway drug thing, government propaganda, because it is illegal...
  7. For like sixty years people have been brought up being told its evil, ruins lives, leads to harder drugs, etc. Thankfully people are starting to wise up and see that it is far from what it is made out to be.

    I used to think it was like that but then I realized I was dead wrong and I've been happily doing it ever since.

    Society is still very anti-weed but there are little glimmers of hope like legalization in Colorado, etc.
  8. well its basicaly a coping mechanism so in alot of cases a person is escaping hisproblems in life by smoking weed. A teenager hates his famiily so he spends all day smoking weed to forget about it or a grown man hates his crappy job and has lost his confidence to find a woman to marry. in my case i just smoke so much and spend so much time smoking and involved in weed stuff that it takes up my time that i could be studying or working more hours. My new years resolution is to stop smoking completely til my birthday in 3 months. wish me luck :)
  9. It's getting better but people are still very anti-weed. People are ignorant, it's not their fault though, blame the government.
  10. It was made illegal basically on the front that the Jamaicans used it a lot and was seen as a dirty substance compared to alcohol, so anyone living in that ERA is most likely against Cannabis because of propaganda. This is why nowadays, not saying smoking is every a good thing for health but Cannabis is the safest way to change a persons state of mind, which should be legal to do for any individual. Alcohol and Cigarettes are very addictive, cigarettes even sometimes more so than "hard drugs" but this thought hasn't changed in so long. The good thing is, more and more young people are for Cannabis as well as North America is split about 50/50. So I believe if a legalization effort is strong enough, it'll pass.
  11. Cuz der stupid
  12. Idk why gc has to be 18 and older.. I'm on here n I'm 16:hello:
  13. Because doing their own research on it is just way too hard
  14. Because the narrow minded morons see it as a representation of the decline of society and use it as the scapegoat and make more laws to show the public this government is doing shit to stop society falling into gang land wars again like the Krays vs richardsons resulting in loads of murders, armed robberies and extortion. The richardsons funded their operations with bud.. For those who enjoy weed, who don't grow or know growers and buy the pathetic little 1.5/8 twenty bags 9 times out of 10 the original batch is from serious organised crime... So the media spills every negative from its crime beginnings to mental health warnings scarring the public into being that paranoid of crossing paths and socialising with someone who smokes.. Media blame the drop in progression with our GCSE's and say our kids are not improving to the standard they want because of younger people smoking weed.. People get into debt with weed and coarse nock on effect crime wasting police and public tax money on all the after effects the greedy cunts turned the weed game into. Legalise the shit, tax the shit.... Stop/reduce the nock on effects and spend the money on our education sector cus that's the fucking reason our kids are getting dumber! Nick liar clegg fucking over us students! Taking money he promised to education, the sole fucking reason that prick got into the position for a coalition, and putting it elsewhere because to be the deputy pm he has to suck David Cameron off daily. Dropping the entire campaign he planned for a year, reaching out to the students getting our vote only to see Downing Street and fuck us off for your morning head with Dave! Too stuck up to see the actual reasons society is fucking up and finding the easiest thing to blame... And appear like they use our tax money to sort it out.. Bud... The apparent start to the slippery slope of entering the drug world and possibly being tempted over by the powders n pills... Could that be some the reasons people hate pot? Wake n bake morning rants pre-coffee, lol :)
  15. Because there retarded and close minded.

  16. Fur real?
  17. It's illegal Brah.
  18. The government (on ALL levels....local, state and federal) imposes sanctions, penalties, fines and criminal punishment that deters a lot of people who can actually benefit from the medicinal benefits. In essence, the public becomes brainwashed by the propaganda pushed out by all levels including private corporations *cough* big pharma *cough* and a negative attitude towards marijuana becomes commonplace.
  19. Mostly due to that its illegal. (In majority of states)
  20. People cannot love what they don't understand.

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