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Why are smokers so desperate..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. I keep seeing people talk about smoking peanut skins banna peelings..

    Have people got so desperate for a high that they would take a chance on screwing up their health for something to get them high??

    If for some reason I don't have some weed to smoke..... I just do with out for a few days till I get more..

    What's the deal?
  2. when im dry i smoke scrape my pipes and smoke the reson, its like methadone for stoners
  3. I dont seem to get it ether..... Smoke banna peels and peanut skins.... I dont care if it did get me high i wouldnt smoke it cuz i was out of bud... Even if something that stupid did work it wouldnt even be the same.... It would be like comparing A herion or Crack high with weed... If it anit weed smoking it anit gonna going to get you the same feeling..... or even close to it.... When i dont have bud i dont have bud..... I anit gonna Huff gas or smoke some peanuts and nutmeg.... *Smiles* Just stupid...
  4. Whenever I was out of pot, I was like, "Dammit, is there at least alcohol around here?" and if not then I'd have to find someone to get me one or the other, but I never considered doing random shit like fruit, vegetable, nut, and legume skins.
  5. I just can't understand whay people wouldn't want to wait till they got some more.. It just seems they only want what ever high they can get..

  6. i agree that its stupid to try and find a mj high in other substances, but what if these ppl actually want a different high? a nutmeg trip is (from what i've heard, never done it myself) a very different type of high than a mj high. i doubt all these ppl that are trying nutmeg and other stuff are trying to replace weed.

    what I dont get is why ppl will try shit like banana peels and peanut skins that is not proven to work. they read about it in like the anarchist cookbook and shit and believe it. nutmeg is a different story because it actually does make u trip. check up on erowid about nutmeg
  7. how old are these people that are smokin bannana peels, i know alot of younger people do stupid shit like that cause gettin high is a thrill to them cause they know they are doing something their parents dont want them too. I never seen any adult pot heads get that desperate though, and if they do they go buy some drink..... I dont think you should say smokers are desperate i think alot of younger people are desperate.

  8. exactly
  9. I like to look at being dry in a positive way, it'll get my tolerance down and gimme a chance to work out more, get summa the gunk outta my lungs. If you're someone who MUST toke everyday or else you start hittin the bannana peel like a junkie then id say it's time too take a look at your life and think bout changin one or two lil details.
  10. *shakes head*

    smoking peanut skins is completly different than marijuana... diferent high all together.... and it also depends on the peanut itself, some will get you "buzzed", and others will give you a massive headache.... i remember hearing that it did something and trying it, and it was kinda half ass good.... so i researched it and got quite a bit of information of what chemiclas are in the skins, and what chemicals are the ones that give any effect... i'll look around in some of my old notebooks and see if i can find it:D....

    peanuts are no substiture for marijuana, but it is a good high in itself (need like 3 joints to get effect though, so throught might hurt a little more than usual)

    as for banana peels; for an LSD like effect, i tried that too, and didnt work at all, just a taste of the worst tasting sticky substance known to man...
  11. I dunno, I think it would be pretty silly seeing someone spark a bowl of peanuts skins, lol. I've never tried it either....
  12. If i've no cannabis i just wait till i get more.
  13. wait you can get high off smoking banna peels and peanut skins? why am i just now finding this out??
  14. Thanks HJ.. I wish some of the others who do it would reply...

  15. hahahahahhhahahahahahahh!!! :D :D :D
  16. *mental note...keep all nutmeg, banana skins and peanut skins 4 a rainy day* heheheheheh

    im raiding spices as we speak...
  17. Ill just go sit and smoke my bowl
  18. I love being high and for some reason it does not bug me to eat nut meg smoke banna peals and peanut skins and snort the Occasional line of coffe it all fucks you up but of course its not a subsutoot(don tknow how to spell) for weed btu it will make the common boring day into a more adventures one.Im also not saying that you should eat nutmeg all the time or do any of the other excamples i gave above im just saying if i have to go to work and the boss i hate is on i would not think it was wrong to resort to any of the above.

    Hopefully all this makes sense, it does to me if thats saying something =)
  19. hahaha a line of coffee your nuts dude. I just torched some chronic, and there is no high I want other then this.
  20. If you think about it you could smoke nearly anything, and it would have the potential to get you high. But, I think I'm just gonna stick with the ol' sticky icky!

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