Why are Shrooms more accepted than Acid?

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  1. Does anyone else feel like this???

    So recently I've been looking for some people to trip with to have a good time with some LSD. I mean I have fun with my good buds, but just some different personalities to experience I guess.

    Most people I talk to are so opposed to the idea without any real knowledge on the substance and instead opt for a shroom experience instead. It annoys me so much that people automatically are so against something for really no reason.

    They hear acid and think "OMG, it's going to make you freak out and induce schizophrenia!! It'll drive you crazy if you take it..."

    And don't give me that bullshit about it being natural, anyone who knows anything about chemistry knows that anything can be considered 'natural'. It doesn't make it any more safe just because a plant made it, look at poison ivy/oak. That shit will fuck you up and it's made by a plant.

    Now look at all the chemicals that humans synthesized for medication. More positives than negatives have come from such discoveries. I mean really think about it, I would honestly consider more man made things to be more safe than plant plant chemicals...

    Anyways I was just curious if anyone else felt this way about the two. I mean don't get me wrong I love shrooms but LSD is on so much more of a higher level, I just don't understand why so many people aren't opposed to shrooms as they are acid.

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    the thought of acid being made in a lab as a street drug turns off some people. like those go green stoners who always use the "it's just a plant" argument.

    there's also alot of dirty acid out there, depending on where you are. legit hooks in some areas either get bad acid most of the time or it comes up every once in a while. the chemicals in these dirty acid tabs are pretty much unknown for the most part and no one knows what the damaging effects are.

    in my junior year of high school me and my friend took some shitty acid and he would see stuff breathing and his perception of distance was pretty fucked up for like 3 months after. needless to say, he's now a pro-shroom man.
  3. It all stems from the exposure LSD got after the cultural revolution took hold.

    Fortunately, psilocybin mushrooms have never had such negative exposure.
  4. True, never thought about dirty acid, that's a very good point.

    Again true... Media does play a huge role and I don't think the name 'acid' helps much either. The last time we tripped me and some friends decided to just call it 'awesomeness'. I suggest everyone use that term to curb anti-acid propaganda!

    It just sucks. To some I may sound crazy but most of them are really missing out on a very important experience in learning who you are as a person. That's my opinion at least and the insight I gained...
  5. Pffft.

    I'd gladly dose with you.

    Fuck the haters.
  6. saddest part about the war on drugs, lol.
  7. this seems pretty apparent to me...

    LSD is a much stronger substance to be using. shroom users will be back to normal in like 6 hours whereas when you fry on acid you cant eat, you stay up all night, the trip is more intense (some people, and rightly so, worry that they wont be able to handle their shit) and idk maybe people think that being able to feel something THAT amazing must have to come at a cost to your body/mind.
  8. Tell your friends about an experience that you know they would be intrigued by, let them know that if they take one or two tabs they will be ok.
  9. Mainly because the myths surrounding LSD; also because it's synthetic and Psilocybin mushrooms are natural.

    To tell you the truth, LSD is also natural in a sense. Since humans are a natural component of this Earth, everything we make should also be considered natural since it's our "nature" to make things. I dunno, food for thought.
  10. haha, thanks bro.

    I guess that's sort of true but honestly I'm not going to lie, when I did Salvia I tripped WAY more harder and had a much more intense experience. But it seems people are always down to do that shit.
  11. Exactly my thought process. Humans = animals.

  12. dude oh my god ya. i totally agree with this whole thread. LSD is on another level from shrooms. like 4 levels above lol. i'd be down to trip with you dude hahah and by the looks of your posts, roll with ya.

    and ya salvia was like insanely cray for me because i did it when i was just a newbie smoker thinking "this shits legal its probly not even gonna work" and i felt like i died and my conciousness was reborn or some shit.
  13. its cus shrooms are natural and can grow out of the ground where as acid isnt all natural atleast thats how my parents would try and brainwash me but i think neither are that bad
  14. LSD is one of the safest drugs on the market... You can take a trillion hits and after you stop trippin balls you'll be sober, and probably have a new POV on many things..

    People that hate on acid are like people that hate on weed.

    Propaganda ftl
  15. lsd is a bit more hardcore in peoples eyes than shrooms. Honestly i think shrooms are worse for you. Im a pro acid man! I hate people that diss on it without knowning jack shit
  16. Everyone saying that LSD is a "harder" or "stronger" drug than psilocybin mushrooms, that's not necessarily true. Drugs affect everyone differently, so it depends on who is using the drugs. Sure, the duration of LSD is longer, but duration and strength of a drug aren't really related. Some people will say LSD hits them harder while others will say that shrooms are stronger than LSD. It all depends on the person.
  17. I feel you, I'm a biochem major who just ate 3 hits of acid
  18. I always thought this was a weird phenomenon as well. I guess it really just is the media exposure and plant vs chemical bullshit.
    People I've done shrooms with are like "man LSD is to much man. I don't wanna fuck with it". I just don't see that big a difference. Other than not being able to find it around here anyway. :-(
  19. I would think its cause of the whole "Dont spill me Im a glass of orange juice" story... well thats how it is down here in screwston. Couldnt even find any cid at umphreys mcgee, nobody could.
  20. I hate it too man, some of my boys are like nahh fuck that shit ill do shrooms tho, then i convinced about 20 people to try it and they fell in love with lucy lol

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