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Why are people so stupid?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crestonchic08, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Yesterday i emailed the seneter of the u.s. about how safe marijuana is and why it should be legalized he came back to say that marijuana is a gateway drug so i did some research on the subject and here are abunch of lies that i found:
    What is it?
    Marijuana is a green or gray mixture of dried, shredded flowers and leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. It can be eaten in certain foods or smoked. It is an illegal drug.
    What does it do?
    The effects vary from person to person depending on how strong the marijuana is, how it's taken and whether other drugs or alcohol are involved. At first, pot can make people feel relaxed, in a good mood and even silly. Users will likely experience dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, some loss of coordination and poor sense of balance, and slower reaction times, along with intoxication. Blood vessels in the eye will expand causing the red-eye effect. NIDA
    Smoking marijuana may impair short-term memory while people are using the drug. This happens because all forms of marijuana contain THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active chemical in marijuana, which alters the way the brain works. After a few minutes, paranoia or anxiousness may set in, then intense hunger (a.k.a. the munchies). Finally, sleepiness. NCADI For some people, marijuana raises blood pressure slightly and can double the normal heart rate. This effect can be greater when other drugs are mixed with marijuana.
    Who uses it?
    Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in the United States. Fewer than one in four high school seniors say they are current users. Between 1991 and 2001, the number of 8th graders who used marijuana doubled from one in ten to one in five.

    Marijuana affects memory, judgment and perception even in the short-term, as was found in a study conducted by Pope and Yurgelun-Todd published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It can mess you up in school, in sports or clubs, or with your friends. Several studies, including one reported a few years ago in the American Journal of Public Health, indicate that if you're high on marijuana, you are more likely to do things that could embarrass or even hurt you-such as driving under the influence or engaging in risky sexual behaviors. For athletes, THC's effect on timing, coordination, and movement-which can last for several hours-can seriously hurt performance. NCADI

    Over the long term, smoking pot can cause you to lose interest in how you look and how you're getting along at school or work. NCADI It can also be much worse for your respiratory health than smoking cigarettes; the amount of tar, carbon monoxide, and cancer-causing chemicals inhaled in marijuana smoke are three to five times greater than that inhaled from the same amount of tobacco smoke. (NIDA Infofax)

    It's important also to remember that marijuana is an addictive drug, responsible for about 60% of all the teenagers who seek admission to drug treatment centers in the U.S. Smoking marijuana leads to some changes in the brain similar to those caused by cocaine, heroin and alcohol. (Di Chiara's study-in NIDA information). Research at the University of Columbia demonstrates that people who regularly smoke marijuana experience withdrawal symptoms after they stop using it.

    tell me what you think about this subject and email the Senator :
  2. Yep...its propoganda..the same thing Hitler used in germany to gain approval for the slaughter of countless of people, only on a far lesser scale. but of course the gov doesnt care if they are using the same tactics on their people as hitler did.
  3. In Amsterdam when pot was legalized hard drug use (heroin and coke) went down. DOWN! Tell your senator (not seneter) that. Have someone proof read your letters. When you have errors, public officials just write you off as a stupid druggie who they don't have to worry about.
  4. The only thing you can do is vote!!! Change your leaders, get out there and be heard, and remember voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for an evil. Vote for the candidate that you think should be in office, not the one that will or has a better chance. The only way to change public policy is to go out and vote. If you think marijuana should be legalized/decriminalized only vote for candidates who stand the same way you do on the policys, its the only way reform will happen in america, or you could just move to B.C. or amsterdam.

  5. ya i spelled it right in my letter i was just high when i posted this so i wasnt realluy paying attention.
  6. propaganda bull. I think they say that crap because; they want people to think "oh, if we did legalize weed cause it IS harmless and has been proven so, everyone would be doing it then, and so we would have the problem oh them going from that to coke, heroin, blah blah blah, because it is a gateway drug" ....... It's their way of making the sheeple believe and vote against legalizing weed.

    oh, and to answer your subject; I think it's because of evolution ....think about it when your high.
  7. as far as i'm aware, if you get caught with weed in the U.S. they make you go to those drug treatment places, is that right?..........and if that is the case, then the only reason that it's 60% is due to the fact that more people smoke weed than any other drug, as it's not bad for you.........Peace out.....Sid

    Recent studies in the u.k. actually found that "drivers under the influence" of THC performed better in tests than their "sober" counterparts, it appeared during the findings that those under the influence of the drug knew that their reaction times would be slower, and decreased speed to allow for it, and to let things sink in better. They performed all the parking tests better, if they didn't get it right first time they would try and try again to strive for perfection, which even in a DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licence Association) test to obtain a full U.K. drivers licence is permitted.

    not that i recommend driving and smoking, but the tests said it all, send that one to your senator.......Peace out........Sid
  8. Any links to the study? I know I drive way better stoned, its the oly time Im content not going balls to the wall.
  9. Cannabis and Driving

    11.1 Drug driving has become a hot topic over recent years, with much ill-informed opinion from motoring organisations. The Transport Research Laboratory has been conducting tests, which confirm most previous findings that cannabis:

    (a) has no effect on reaction time

    (b) marginally affects tracking ability

    (c) drivers under the influence tend to be more careful, driving more slowly, leaving a larger gap, and undertaking fewer aggressive driving manoeuvres.

    11.2 New users of cannabis, and inexperienced drivers, tend to be most impaired, whereas regular users or drivers show little effect on performance. Skunk tends to impair performance more than resin. Our results show that women tend to have a higher risk of impairment, as there may be less scope for improvement in "driving behaviour", but that most drivers have similar, or even lower, rates of accidents compared to those expected for the same age and sex.

    11.3 Driving (or being in charge of a vehicle etc) whilst unfit through drink or drugs has long been an offence under the Road Traffic Acts. To prove this, the police have to show a driver is unfit, meaning that the ability to drive properly is impaired, and the presence of drugs which can cause impairment.

    11.4 The police have been steadily improving their enforcement techniques (now using blood rather than urine tests) and have developed "field impairment tests", based on tests used in the US for alcohol impairment - examining a drivers performance in a number of tasks:

    (a) Pupil size (cannabis has only a marginal effect on pupil diameter)

    (b) Romberg test (head back, legs apart, eyes closed, asked to estimate when 30 seconds have passed - observe balance and accuracy of time estimation)

    (c) Walk & Turn test - (heel to toe walk, swivel turn and retrace steps along straight line - observe accuracy of following instructions and balance)

    (d) One-legged stand - (asked to stand on either leg, observe balance)

    (e) Finger to nose test - (observe co-ordination, using correct hand etc)

    11.5 IDMU has recommended that such tests be improved and made more objective - e.g. being recorded on videotape, and introduction of in-car simulators to test tracking and reaction times as objective measures of impairment. In addition, we have recommended that at least two blood samples be taken 15 minutes apart, in order to distinguish between acute intoxication and baseline levels, as cannabis metabolites can be detected in body fluids for up to a month after use.


    Cannabis and Driving, a review of the literature and commentary. Ward NJ & Dye L (1999) Road Safety Research Report No 12 London: DETR

    The Influence of Cannabis on Driving - Sexton BF et al (2000) Transport Research Laboratory UK: TRL Report 477

    The Prevalence and role of alcohol, cannabis, benzodiazepines and Stimulants in non-fatal road crashes. Hunter et al (1998) Adelaide: Forensic Science/Clinical & Exp. Pharmacology (Monograph)

    The Influence of Marijuana on Driving Robbe HWJ (1994) Maastricht, University of Limburg

    Drugs & Driving Atha, Blanchard, Davis & Liptrot (2001) IDMU - in preparation

    ..................Peace out.........Sid
  10. Right on sid. Ive been searching, but couldnt find it.
    Thank you and Rock on!

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