why are people so rude/stupid?

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  1. i mostly mean rude/stupid when at other peoples houses

    so we have this "friend" but after last week were not gonna hang with him anymore.

    anyways we have this friend, and we use too hang with him off and on, and he had left for about 2months for training for the navy or the army or something idk

    anyways he came back last weed, he came over around 5pm ON WENSDAY and HE DIDNT LEAVE TILL ABOUT 6PM ON FRIDAY, even tho we both went too work twice, he just stayed here while we were at work.....

    that was just the begining tho, he DEFENTALY over stayed his welcome

    he ate allmost all our food, he drank ATLEAST 10 sprites (out of a 12 pack!) and all our mt dew, he even had the nerve too ask too have the last soda, i said no, then he drank them when we were sleeping.

    he ate like four sandwiches , witch was over half the loaf of bread i had JUST BOUGHT THAT DAY, and a buncah snacks, and i live on my own with my boyfriend, i just blew like 85 dollars on grocerys and thats barley anything, and by the time he left it was mostly all gone and i have too wait till tomorrow too get paid too get more.

    he left all his food out, he made a sandwich in the kitchen and left the knife coverd in peanut butter on my counter and just left the bread open, and didnt clean ANYTHING up and then he left 2 plates with half eaten food on my boyfriends desk, all night, they were there till the next morning when i finaly put them away, no too mention EVERY SODA CAN was still in the living room


    yeah he did EVEN MORE stuff that just was completly rude, he kept going outside to smoke and he left my lighter outside every time, i had too bring it in about five times, i know that dosent sound like much but it was raining off and on all day and my lighter would have got ruined, and come on, its not your lighter, just bring it inside, is it REALLY that hard too remember?

    and lets not even start on the weed, he will just PACK HIS OWN BOWL with OUR weed, and he takes double hits, and when he takes hits he takes HUGE hits, when were smoking the bowl with him were lucky if we get 2 hits cause he fucking clears it and then he wants too smoke more and more and more, we have too hide our weed before he comes over so he wont smoke it all, then he just deiced too try too use our vape wich he had NEVER used before and he allmost broke it, needless too say we put the vape away after that.

    thsi isint even everythign he did, i could keep going on for hours but this post is long enough allredy

    i just dont get how people can act like this at other peoples houses, this is int even half of it pretty much everything he does annoys the shit out of me.

    TL;DR friend came over after being gone for 2 months and was COMPLETLY rude, smoked all our weed, ate all our food, left dirty dishes everywhere ect ect

    i mean honestly, when i'm out at someone elses house, i NEVER leave plates out, i will wash my own dishes, i only drink or eat there food if i have cotton mouth or im starving, i NEVER just take people's weed and smoke it

    is the human population really this stupid or is this just this guy? i have no faith in our world anymore.
  2. You could've told him to go home at any time during those 2 days. Why didn't you?
  3. Wow, seriously that guy sounds like the biggest douchebag. You'd think the army/navy/whatever training would've smartened his ass up and taught him some fuckin' respect. Good call on not hanging out with him anymore. I also have no food until tomorrow when I get money.
  4. I read the TLDR.

    I share your viewpoint, OP. I get really irritated when people (and even roommate sometimes) leave garbage dirty dishes out. When I eat at a friends place I always do my best to clean up after myself. I have pretty cool friends, and they tell me straight up to not worry about washing dishes over there. I sometimes do anyway, and ALWAYS make a point of rinsing my dishes... no one likes trying to scrub off dried mac n' cheese the next day.

  5. i mean we pretty much did a few times, we told him we had stuff too do, we asked him plenty of times if he wanted for us too take him home, he would be like "nah man its cool ill just stay here"

    then the 2nd night my boyfriend for some reason told him he could stay over again, trust me i was SUPER pissed i just wanted him out of my house lol
  6. sounds like a poop stain mcgilver...dont invite him over anymore..or if you do make him buy food and pot

  7. you and you bf need to be more assertive about telling him to leave your house....

    doesn't sound like he respects you guys....

    i wouldn't call that a friend....
  8. Yea, the dudes a punk and disrespectful but him not leaving is on you.. its your house.. kick his ass out.
  9. Ya that guy sounds like a HUGE douchebag..must of grown up with no manners at all. What a grub, I know some lowlife people but damn, not one of them uses other peoples weed without asking and they definitly wouldn't smoke greens.

  10. yeah i know we should have just pretty much told him too leave but im really too shy and i hate awkward situations, and hes not really MY friend, hes my boyfriends friend, i just met him like a month before he left for training.... i mean its no excuse but.....

    i honestly didn't think it was gonna get THAT bad, Friday morning when i woke up i straight yelled at my boyfriend too get him out of our house, i was so pissed i didn't talk too either one of them till he left.
  11. Sounds like a huuuuge moocher. I would have just straight kicked his ass out, he needs to learn to respect your house.
  12. don't you learn like discipline in the army?

    anyways, you should stuff his pillowcase with dogshit, see how he likes that
  13. holy fucking shit i would have kicked that douchebag out after one day.. who the fuck does shit like that!? wtf?!!?

    hes a fucking thief, dont let thieves into your home people.

    and who the fuck lets people pack THEIR weed into a bowl and smoke it without sharing it

  14. I had a roommate who did exactly this shit. Whats more is i took him in rent free because his parents kicked him out of the house and he was a good friend of mine for years. He ate up all my food, smoked my weed and never once cleaned his shit up. Suffice to say he didnt last long here, after a party we had, he slept all the next day while i cleaned the place up and he got all pissed off and defensive when i confronted him about what an asshole hes been and we ended up throwing punches. I fucked his face all up, knocked out three of his teeth and popped his knee cap out of place with a kick and made him walk all the way back to his parents house, oh and i stole his girlfriend, revenge is a bitch. :D
  15. Um... if he is in the military he can't smoke weed. If he returns back to the army or navy he might get a other than honorable/dishonorable discharge, especially since he just finished basic training, if that makes you feel better. And this type of behavior is pretty typical of someone who just came back from basic trainnig/ boot camp. I am not defending his actions because he sounds like a pig and a man should know how act when a guest, but honestly i don't think he's a douchebag or dick. He's just not used to civilian life and forgotten his manners. I would just tell him he overstayed his welcome and lossen up a bit.
  16. Uhhh.. i dunno.. ive never been in the military, but i dont think being in the military would make you forget manners.. if anything it would make you have some more respect and appreciate shit a little more.
  17. I am talking about coming back from basic traing. In basic training you are treated like shit and have your rights taken away. When you come home you just splurge and don't really give a shit. It's like giving a buffet to a starving person (not literally but you get the idea).
  18. had 2 friends just like this about 3 weeks ago ate all my food over stayed there welcome only came over to use my 360 and eat my damn food confronted them about it and they had the nerve to say i was the rude one glad to be rid of em :hello: and yea they had jobs didnt even offer to pay back for food or drinks or anything left my room a complete mess (i mean complete mess drinks spiled all over not fun cleaning up in the morning when u asked them to)

    sorry to hear u had a friend like this to (they r the worst)
  19. i actually like when people dont use any punctuation haha.. it makes me feel like i can read really fast.

  20. nah man its nothing like that

    when i say "he was in training or something"

    he didn't even do ANYTHING, training wise.

    he didn't get trained or anything i honesty think he was just bullshitting about the army

    he said they sent him home after a month (he was in Georgia and were in Texas) because of some papers? he said all he did was sit around everyday cause he couldn't start training cause someone had too sign something?

    idk hes a really big liar i think, before he even left he said that he was going too Australia? and that 2 big army men came too his house that day and that he was leaving in like 4 days.

    so yeah idk hes just a liar and trust me, ive had tons of friends come home from training, i can see him making a mess in his house but you just cant make excuses for what he was doing, there's no excuse too be a slob at someone else's house.

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