Why are people so fake?

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    Seems every I see is just alone in their own little world.

    People that dont know each other are almost always wary of each other, scared, and/or dislike each other.

    I see these people walking, fixed expressions, everyone with their own destination known only to themselves. They see someone they know, then all of a sudden a switch goes off in their head that tell them "Ok ok you know this person cmon just smile and say hey and make it look like everythings cool."
    And thats just what they do.

    If people ask me what i honestly think about something, then get upset or call me a dick or a crackhead cause of what i think. Why the fuck do you even ask me what i think then, do you want me to be just like you and tell you what you wanna hear?

    Its like everyone wants to pretend other people dont exist yet they are dependent on social interaction.

    whenever i picture the future i see tall buildings, newly layed asphalt with no cracks. Fast slick cars and people wearing black and white with fixed expressions. Urban land for as far as the eye can see
  2. Dude i was walking through campus the other day and thought the samething. People always walk like their in a hurry or stressed and always seem so stand-offish :( its sad
  3. yeah it makes everything seem really awkward when everybody else does that, but what do you do, you know? I see people do that all the time and then it makes ME uncomfortable because I feel like they're just looking at me and they know me but won't say hi and then I think they don't want me to talk to them either
  4. I know seriously youd think there would be less awkward if people would just say hi or smile every now and then :(
  5. at what point though should you say hi if you're walking towards somebody on a sidewalk? I've always wondered this, I mean I guess if I really want to say hi to somebody I'll just shout out from a block away as soon as I can identify the person...but otherwise I'm not sure, maybe that's what makes it awkward?
  6. In my opinion people really just care too much what people think and they dont realize what they are missing out on by being hermits

  7. i do this all the time, if im just walkin somewhere or whatever. I mean just cause other people stare at the ground and pretend others dont exist, should I?

    I mean ill just say hey and sometimes the random chill people will say whats up back but most just seem like they dont wanna have anything to do with me

  8. I know it man!! Why WOULDN'T you wanna say hey to people? I'm very, very guilty of this and I do it all the time and I've never been able to figure out WHY. I think it's just because everybody else always wants to make it seem like they're better and they don't need to talk to anybody, so then I just won't talk to them
  9. Various reasons. Maybe they are mentally preoccupied by something while in commute. Focusing all energy to impress the opposite sex? Busy thinking about some specific work/pleasure related problem? Some people have more social anxiety than others.

    Keep in mind you'll never know for sure whether someone is being fake, although I suspect as you do that a significant number of people are just compulsive liars, and I don't mean verbal lies, I mean generally deception compulsive. But if it could even be so that their deception was pathological or relative to something neurological, then you can't really blame them there.
  10. You mean lying through body language to disgiuse and underlying lack of confidence? Like a bro?
  11. Humanity has turned depressed, sad, untrustworthy, dishonest, unloyal, used, using, and just bad.

    also, when you say fake, you have to include stoners/potheads, don't be a hyprocrite. Everyone's a fake unless you do your own thing.

  12. yeah that pretty much sums it up, cuz think about it if somebody sees you in public and they aren't really sure if you like them or not then they don't really know whether you would want them to say hi to you or not. I guess the era of people who want to say hi just to say hi is pretty much over...or maybe it's just a south carolina thing I'm not sure but this is the first place that I ever really noticed it
  13. Na dude its the same in Florida :(
  14. I'll usually say hi to anyone, if I make eye contact, unless I'm weary for stereotypical reasons, which is fucked up, but if I'm walking around the city, and a stereotypical warning sign comes up, I'll just try to play it cool.

    I always say hi to older people, 40+ just because they seem to honestly enjoy the good manners, and positive attitude.

    I wish people were more friendly, but eventually maybe?
  15. maybe it's just because people are so used to talking online now that they don't know how to interact in public anymore
  16. Humankind is only going to get worse, as I see it. I'm not sure if anybody else has realized this, but it seems that theres so many fake, dumbass people everywhere and they're just going to breed and create a neverending generation of people like this. Oh joy...
  17. I think our present is the prequel to idiocracy
  18. Geez a world of these pricks :eek:

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    i think about this shit all time.

    i think its more prominent in the US though cuz the last time I went down to mexico I was walking down the streets and everyone was so friendly and everyone that I passed on the street would greet me and each other with warm and welcome smiles
  20. I don't understand how people can say humanity is getting worse. Humans are selfish creatures, always have been, always will be. We only do things to benefit ourselves or to avoid things that hurt us.

    You smile at someone because it makes you feel happy, or you smile at them because you don't want them to feel negatively about you.

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