Why are one of my plants growing perfectly, but not the other?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Swaglord232, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Both ak47 seeds... they are in the same soil, get same nutrients. Everything is the same, however one isnt growing that well. Here are pics. Help is greatly appreciated.



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  2. They both look healthy to me, 1 just streched more. Possibly different phenotypes of ak47? Are you feeding nuttients yet?
  3. You could attempt to LST some of those branches down to open it up better. Use like yarn or something.
  4. Sorry im a noob to this. Lst?

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  5. Lower stress train. Basically tie some yarn to the branch lightly and pull down, but dont snap the branch, then you tie it to something. And every day adjust it more untill you have the canopy you wish for. Its better to lst earlier on
  6. they both look fine. the difference you see is just genetic expressions. no two plants are exactly alike, and sometimes even within the same strain two seeds can grow two different looking plants. structure, growth speed, health and immunities/resistances to pest and disease can vary within each seed.
  7. are these groing to finish outdoors? i wouldn't bother with LST if so.
  8. Yea they are. So now just let em grow?

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  9. LST isn't wasted on outdoor efforts; the goal is to promote more proliferation of budsites.
  10. IME all that does, assuming soil volume and light hours are fixed, is distribute the yield between more sites. the way i see it, training is a great tool for dealing with height or plant count restrictions indoors, where you can control the length of the veg time. outdoors, its going to veg a predetermined amount of time which will determine its mass when flowering starts and that is whats going to determine yield.
  11. From working ornamentals in the garden outside, I've experienced that those in ground have a weaker profile on the North facing side. Rotating containerized plants helps promote more symmetry but I'm forced to pretzel the Hell out of Earthbound treasures to do the same.
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