Why are my yields so crazy low guys, I’m just baffled

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  1. Hello everyone, I’ve referenced this site for the 10 years I’ve grown with my partner yet never posted so hello and thank you for all the advice over time. This is my first time growing on my own without my ex partner and I’m truly at a loss as to why my yields have been so low. I am beyond frustrated so I’m just going to ask y’all opinions. I have a room with 8 100watts and my first round I had 19 and yielded 4.5-5 lbs by the end. The second round I had 4 lights turned on( 1/2 the room) and 12 ladies. I’m literally looking at 2? I veg’d til 3 ft+ both times and used veg+bloom in coco. I didn’t use co2 and I know that would increase yields but still?? I’m so confused as to why they are so low? The plants were not the greatest the first round because I was adjusting to the new nutrients. I had always used botanicare in the past. Apparently I had ordered the wrong base nutrient the first round so we had some ph balancing issues the whole time but it wasn’t detrimental I don’t think. I got the right one for the second round and had a bit of a bug issue but nothing too crazy. I’ve grown for 10 years so I’m not easily scared.. but this new room has me puzzled. This is the first time I have a non vented room but I don’t think that would be it? It’s my first time not in smart pots for years but I don’t think that is that much of a difference. The bulbs are a couple years old but I don’t think that’s it? I’m at a loss. Help a sista out please, I’m pullin my brain muscles! Thank you I appreciate your knowledge
  2. No ventilation= mildew or root rot for sure.
    2 months of veg I usually have a 3ft bush for sure.
    At very least an exhaust inline fan in needed with cfm rating to cycle once per minute the Hole tent. LxWxH. With passive intake holes.
  3. No ventilation= mildew or root rot for sure.
    2 months of veg I usually have a 3ft bush for sure.
    At very least an exhaust inline fan in needed with cfm rating to cycle once per minute the Hole tent. LxWxH. With passive intake holes.
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  4. 800 watts total, that's to low for 12 plants, atleast from my experience.
    im running 1200watts for 10 plants.

    what kind of lights are you using?

  5. What do you mean by 8 100 watts? What lights are you useing?
  6. What if she's doing a seald room?...
  7. Think you need co2 for a sealed room and she said she wasnt using any, I'm also curious as to what these 100 watters are lol
  8. I'm pretty sure that 8 x 100 watt was a typo and it should have said 8 1000 watters. No way you're pulling 5 pounds with 8 100 watt bulbs.. hehe

    In my experience smart pots make a big difference in feed rate and root structure. The plant stays healthier and that always makes for a better harvest. You get much more oxygen to the roots. That's as important as CO2 is to the leaves. I won't grow without them. Actually CO2 has only been proven to improve veg growth. Read some articles. Most home growers don't use it. It really complicates the setup and usually causes the need to run ac with lights on. One of the main reasons it's used so much commercially is it increases the temp tolerance of the plants so they can be grown over 90 degrees. Those high temps also increase feed rate.

    Unless you are running co2 you definitely don't want a sealed room. Plants breathe they need air changes.

    I have seen many HPS growers stop by the forums and describe a similar condition. "I was pulling way more weight with my HPS lights and after a few years my crops aren't as good?"

    Your bulbs should be replaced about once a year. If you waited more then 2 years then your bulbs are no good anymore. They significantly degrade in both light output and spectrum over time. Some people replace them even more often then that. I can almost guarantee that everything is going to wake up again once you replace your bulbs. Eye Hortilux is considered one of the best. There's some others. Phillips makes a good bulb. I know there's one of the best brands I'm forgetting but believe me you need new bulbs.
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  9. Thank you for the reply’s, I was traveling and have been busy. You are right it is a typo anf I meant 1000 watt’s and thank you I really appreciate the knowledge about the bulbs. I do have a closed room with plenty air conditioning for the room. They are window units and say they have a fresh air/vent option. Interesting that you don’t think that co2 is needed.
  10. Well, iced weed, maybe things are different in the UK but I assure you that there are lots of professional female growers here in the U.S. that grow “Good” Weed thank you.
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  11. Very interesting read tbone makes perfect sense
    I play on running two 1000w e papillons in my 2.6m x.2.6 m over 7 plants
    Bulbs are expensive running into £140 a bulb but well worth the replacement
    My dad changes his every yield
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  12. Co2 should never be overlooked. 30% increase in yield is always worth it. If you have the means, then theres no reason not to.

    Growing Marijuana And Carbon Dioxide


    Ed Rosenthal is just about the top guy when it comes to everything marijuana growing related. He is THE man. Anything you can learn from him is gold. If you ever have the chance to meet him if you're a serious grower, take it. Please stop discounting it Tbone
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    I cant not help but comment on this, Rezerg, you have no real world experience with C02.

    you have a C02 bag.. now your running to every post and saying c02 is god.

    Theres many people on this forum who use c02, and im one of them.

    This 30% increase in yield is BS, they grow a lot faster, yes. Do the buds get bigger with c02. No.

    ive recently stopped using c02 in flower after 3 years of doing it.

    Theres no real increase in flower, where I see c02 helps is veg, my veg time is cut in half with c02.

    until you buy a real c02 setup, bottle, controller etc.. your experience in c02 is next to none.
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  14. CO2 is a 10000% complete waste, unless you have your area 10000% AIR TIGHT.
    1 little crack, and all the CO2 goes out the crack. It goes to the place of least resistance.

    Main things IMHO that can NEVER be compromised.

    Good soil
    Plenty of light 1000w for each 4 x 4 with a Hortilux. More for a Gavita is what I use.
    Learn how to feed, and water.
    Fresh Bulbs. I change after each flowering period if I use a Hortilux 1000w HPS, and every 3 months for veg light. I also start, and veg with 1000w

    That's it. Compromise on any of them at your own peril. You don't have to veg with 1000w, I do I feel it makes them grow a lot faster. I grow large plants in 20 gallon containers, and Promix BX. No less than 1lb per plant. More often 20-22.
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  15. Lol He defiantly didn't say it's not needed, actually the opposite...

    It seems that in the ten years you been growing you've overlooked some major facts. One big one being the life span of bulbs! But mainly I've just picked Up in this;

    You seald your room of for the first time without adding co2. Between this and the bulbs that should have been changed a year ago I'm supposed you even pulled what you did...
  16. You go girl. Apparently girls are also better at grammar and spelling than the men in the UK. ;)
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  17. I'v slowly realizing my heavy hand with the water can is ultimately my greatest weakness.
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  18. I wouldn't say also, they most likely have better grammar and spelling for sure. I bet her partner was a man lol. 1 grow without him and it's all gone Pete tong lol :s
    And I'm pretty sure icedweed is a woman aswell anyway...
  19. I’m pretty sure this man/women wanted help on increasing their yield not a discussion on who’s using co2 and what gender we all are I have a diary up and running if we can have this discussion there would be great

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