Why are my top leaves so strange?

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  1. I think it's fine, just asking for an opinion from you folks since it's my first grow:

    Not entirely sure what's up with the shape of the top leaves. It was recently re-planted to a 2l bottle base from a 0.5l bottle base, if that helps.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's a heat problem. That's happened to some of my young seedlings. Raise the lights a little until the plant gets stronger. I notice you're using foil to reflect the light. Bad idea!!!

    Unfortunately the problem you have can stunt growth for a while.
  3. Cheers for the reply. I've dropped the plants about 10cm for now then, I guess I'll wait for it to get better :)
  4. What soil is it in? Did the leaves get yellow before the transplant or after?
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    The base leaves were yellow prior to transplant and the soil was from a local hardware store, I can't tell you what kind or anything, it was a friends and I got some off him but he's not online just now. He's grown with it before, successfully.
    Also it's a clone, and is much bigger (about 3 or 4 times) compared to when the clipping was taken.

    EDIT: West Plus Multi-Purpose Peat Free Compost. Apparently that could have been the cause of the yellowing.
  6. Some new pics, it seems the leaves that were monged have just grown bigger, but the new leaves that are appearing are fine.
  7. She looks hungry to me.
  8. Whats your ph at? Looks like too low of a ph possibly
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    It's never had nutes, and I believe the soil is pre-fertilised. I don't have a pH meter, I guess I'll get one and just shove in some nitrogen-ish nutes just now?
    Problems aside, it's growing pretty well. There are no more yellowing leaves, and the new leaves are growing perfectly fine. The dodgy leaves seemed to appear when the plant was moved house, and the yellow leaves appeared when it was replanted. So I don't think it's an actual problem, just something that happened due to circumstance.
    Pic of it just now:
  10. I personally prefer chemical pH testing, had bad experiences with fragile and expensive electrical meters. pH is important too, you want to be adjusting your water and nute mixes as tap water is often slightly alkaline and plants prefer slightly acid.

    I speak from experience when I say that pH being completely out can cause deficiencies. Due to absorption of salts through the roots is blocked by too high/low pH.

    Though I grow hydro, not soil, remember there being some slight differences with pH requirements with soil. Possibly.
  11. So if I go for chemical pH testing you recommend I turn my water slightly acid before watering? Or at least give it a week or two trial run like that?
  12. For hydro, the ideal pH is 5.5-6 depending on the strain. I remember that the requirements for soil might be slightly different, not 100% sure. Different mediums, soil, rockwool, coco buffer pH differently so I think that might have an effect.

    I personally use rockwool which is naturally alkaline and use tap water which is alkaline too. So I soak my rockwool in pH 5.5 water before use and make sure every water is 5.5-6, else I soon run into nute lockout probs.

    Any way of finding out if the soil you're using is prefertilised? If it is, it might just be a pH prob like abrahamx suggested.
  13. A bit of Googlin' comes up with "Keeps plants fertilised for up to 6 weeks!", so yea, I can fairly certainly say it's fertilised.

    Cheers for the info :)
  14. Shouldn't be using pre-fertilised soil, bud. Can be too much for sensitive young roots. Seeds have energy stored in them for the first couple of weeks. Even with hydro, I only give them water for about 1.5-2 weeks then 1/3 strength nutes. Cuttings I give just water for the first 2 weeks and it seems to work OK.
  15. id get rid of the tinfoil too...surprised no one else noticed it lol
  16. 6.3-6.8 for dirtbaggers. A ph meter is essential for a quality grow. chemical testing is a pain in the ass and hardly accurate. A digital meter is a must for any serious grow. You'll thank me when you get nice fat green buds, or you may get lucky and have a decent plant without checking but its not likely. Ph is the most important thing in a good grow, next to maybe nutes. Well lighting and stuff, whatever, keeping the ph at 6.5 is very important. If you dont have a meter you will never know.

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