Why are my shades starting to point upwards ??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Liamc19931, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. 42726A80-1B76-48C3-835B-A4E3FC6D6371.jpeg 50133236-5FB2-44AC-B153-8EE672560C72.jpeg 5687079C-2273-4358-BFBF-492579900A15.jpeg 453BF4F3-C908-45D5-9447-D091AC61E7E5.jpeg Hi can anyone help .. as explained in previous threads I am new to all of this and on the off chance I started growing a plant she is where she is now and I’ve really taken the time with it .. I have only been doing this with water and a good soil but I’ve decided to introduce hesi complex 10ml to 2 litres of water I have been watering the plant with the complex when needed .. over the course off today my shades have started to point up ...

    Any ideas why this may be and is it a good or bad sign my plant to me looks healthy and with what I’ve read up it seems okay but some proper advice would be great ... TIA ....
  2. Looks like she is loving the nuts. Looks healthy to me.
  3. D695EFE7-AA3B-4861-8758-882751C0BA0C.jpeg

    The serrated edges of each shade are straight as a die and are not curling up atal so I know my heat and humidity is okay well least I “think” I do lol I’m literally doing this by a fish tank light in a pot with some good soil I’m mixing 10ml hesi complex to 2l of water and feeding twice a day 400ml ...

    Is there an actual amount of water you feed a plant ... I’ve just been testing the soil twice a day once after its 12 hours dark and then an hour before it goes back into dark after its 12 light

    Anymore tips .. ?? You think she looks healthy yeah
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  4. What soil?
    Water to 20% runoff
    Soil needs perlite, 30%

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  5. Looking good to me. Only tip I have for you is to mix some perilite in with your soil. Over time and watering the soil will begin to compact making it harder for your roots to thrive.
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  6. I have been giving run off each water feed I thought if I didn’t the bottom would hold in essence shitty old nutes from the complex .... so each feed I make sure it’s giving run off to give a flushing effect ... I am very new to this so that probably makes no sense I am not willing. Nor keen to spend any money in anyway from what I’ve read and comments I’ve had and how the plant seems to be progressing I think all is fine I’d just like advice and opinions ... and if all is good and someone who’s say a pro grower says it’s looking good and healthy I’ll take that lol
  7. Also I don’t want my plant to get excessively big .. will it be okay if I keep it in the pot it is in or do I have to go to a larger pot now .. I have been on 12/12 for about a week now and she is thriving but I don’t want a massive thing I will be happy if I get a nice joint from it I’m really not fussed but I’ve spent a lot of time looking after it considering I’m not using proper lights and all the rest of it ...
  8. I don’t mind getting perlite but I didn’t intend on changing pot to be honest what size is best 0.2mm or 0.5mm
  9. It's called praying, it means your plant is VERY healthy and growing hard. Do a time lapse, it's your plant reaching up hard towards the light... a good thing. Keep doing what you're doing

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  10. Mine do that from time to time. I take it as they are loving life!
  11. I mix my soil with 30% perlite. It really helps with watering.

    Recipe 420 Soil by EB Stone
    Perlite by Miracle Grow. My plants love it and drains well. I water my girls 1 every 3 days and nuts 1 a week at half strenghth.
  12. So I shouldn’t water my plant with nutes everyday then ...

    I have been water my plant twice once at the start of 12 light cycle and once at th start of 12 night cycle every two days to allow my soil to dry shall I repeat that but give water only one time then 2 days later give nutes then carry on like that ?? That way my plant will get 2 shots of nutes a week and slight flush each week to stop any crap nutes holding at the bottom I always give atleast 10% maybe 20% run of each feed
  13. I was told by local shop. When u first start with soil with Nutes in it u use plain water. After a few weeks and plants has used up soil then use 1/4 strength Nutes every water. As plants get bigger watch them and up the amount of Nutes as needed
  14. Only time I ever plain water is if I’m being lazy during veg
  15. Never give nuts everyday. You will kill them. Water every 3 days and nuts every week at half strength.

    I killed 2 plants before with nuts, no bueno. Dont over water, drainage is key. I purchased 4 more pots for my plants woth better drainage. 20181015_125417.jpg
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  16. Looks happy and healthy, reaching for the light. If the edges of the leaves start to curl upwards, that would be heat stress. This just looks like normal growth, mine do the same thing, I usually lower my lights to correct it but, this usually happens to some extent.
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  20. Will it affect my plant if I have left it in the dark longer than 12 hours ... I accidentally left her in dark for an xtra 3 hours today will that affect anything ..??? Or can I just carry on with my light times just make sure it’s not a regular thing to happen ... I am probably overthinking it but I don’t want to mess up now ... she’s had 3 hours extra dark today shall I stop worrying n carry on as normal with my 12/12 or do I need to now give the plant 12 hour light before it goes back in the dark ....

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