Why are my seedlings drooping?

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg My germinated seeds have been in soil for 24 hours. I have watered them lightly (soil is moist not soaked) twice since putting them in. They have popped out of the soil but they look droopy, almost as if they are retreating back into the soil. What can I do? Or is this natural?
  2. Just leave them be. They're fine. Seriously. Just make sure they stay moist. Not sopping.
  3. I have a 26 watt cfl about 8 inches above them running on 20/4 light schedule. Temps don't seem to be getting too hot, but the soil seems to look like it is drying quickly. I can't tell if it is dry by feeling it so I stay on the safe side and water them twice a day. But I've read you only need to water them once every 2-3 days when they are this small. You think I should water them less or keeping doing twice a day? Again I can't really tell if the soil is completely dry or not.
  4. Watering twice a day is way to much. I bet you can go at least 3 days between watering. Water and nutrients are the biggest killer of cannabis plants for new growers.

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  5. Appreciate the reply man! I've just been scared because the soil looks dry, but I'll start only watering them every 3 days. At what point should I start watering them more and how much? This is my first grow so I'm learning here haha
  6. Thanks for the reply bro! That makes me feel so much better! This is my first grow so I totally thought I had fucked up haha!
  7. Well the thing is cannabis like wet and dry period, not bone dry BTW. A plant will tell you when its ready for water to a degree. Plants that are over watered will wilt downward and same goes with lack of water. Easiest was to tell is a finger test, best way is you get a feel for your pots as they are before you water and after. Then when they are close to dry, you just know buy how the pot feels by weigh if it needs water or not.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  8. Thanks for the advice man! Also, I was unable to mount my light in the middle so I had to mount it on the right side of my grow box so the plant on the right is getting more light than the one on the left, and my carbon filter is mounted above the plant on the left as well. Should I switch them everyday and move the plant that is on the left to the right side under the light and vice versa? Or should I just not mess with it?
  9. A good way is to test the weight of the pot. You can tell how much water is in the soil by doing this especially if it is too wet or too dry. The roots need to be able to breath so while it does not like to be bone dry, it needs to be able to have access to air from the roots so it can't sit in water either. I'm sure you know some of this. If your plant, when it is older, is drooping then it can be a sign of over or under-watering. Testing the pot to feel the weight is a great way to stay familiar with what's going on inside there and therefor stave off either of these issues. You could dip your finger in and if you decide to do that, you could use both ways to test how accurate that is. It's okay for the soil on top to dry quickly. The sun does that too. Good luck bro!
  10. And the 2-3 days, you'll find, is accurate.
  11. Thanks for the help bro!!! I'll be sure to take note of how heavy it is after I water it and when it is dry!
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