Why are my plants lookin weird?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by karo1229, May 31, 2003.

  1. Hello all, im new at growing and the top leaves of my female plants are starting to go a lighter colour then the rest?

    MY plants are ten cem tall, and have never been repotted. (there in about 3-5 cups of soil) theres not much soil and im wondering if there isnt enough good stuff in the soil for them?

    I have fertalized them a few times when they were small but not for a while now, about 4 weeks...

    Please help as i am now addicted to growing..



    BTW its winter here now...
  2. HIGH All, sounds like a Sulfur deficiency.

    Sulfur deficiencies can be confused with Nitrogen deficiencies and may also occur because of an excess of other nutrients in the soil solution. Sulfur deficiency symptoms usually start at the top of the plant. There is a general yellowing of the new leaves. In pots, the whole plant may lose some green color. Sulfur deficiencies can be treated with epsom salts, or bathing salts, which you can get at any drug store.

    To treat Sulfur symptoms use one-half teaspoon of epsom salts to each quart of water, and water as usual. You should see a change in the color in a few days.
  3. cool thanks.. ill give it a go. and see waht happens.. ill get back to you if nothing changes in a few weeks...

  4. Dude...Critter...u throw those pics of what u call white rhino around way too much man. and besides...i saw those same pics on google.com. They may be yours but not likely. By the way...good luck on your plant karo

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