Why are my plants all droopy and sad?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Trevo4311, May 27, 2010.

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    Just look at them! They are droopy as hell. Is it because I'm watering them too much? Or not enough?? What am I doing wrong?? :confused:

    Info about my plants:
    5 weeks old
    Grown in miracle grow soil
    First few weeks I only watered them about 3-4 times a week if that, but recently I've been giving them a cup of water between both plants daily, today I only gave them half a cup tho cause I think it rained last night and I'm not sure if I've been over watering them. I try to check when the soil is dry and then I water them but its hard to tell alot of the time.
    One of the plants fell over the other day, so I propped both of them up on sticks and tied it with a piece of a grass.

    Some of the leaves are also turning partly brown and dieing. Not all of them but you can see what I mean in the pic, so far they haven't lost any leaves but some of the leaves are halfway dead.:confused:

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  2. u water like once a week...its a weed not a flower
  3. Yeah thats what i thought, first week I watered it once. The second and third weeks like twice, and the fourth like 3 times. This week probably about 4 times.

    I thought I wasn't watering them enough because the leaves were drying up and dying.
  4. yeah man just once or twice a week max! The plant wants light or sun and all it can get, not all the water it can get.
  5. Ok thanks man.

    Also do you have any idea why the leaves are browning?
  6. Uh, it could be your soil too. I don't like miracle grow soil for the reason that it has a lot of problems with nute block. If anything you bought that has time release fertilizers, then that could be your problem. I put too much blood and bone meal in my mix and it ended up killing all 8 of my seedlings.

    I'm tryin to stay organic next time, and also FFOF from what i've heard works very well.
  7. ya looks like you got nute burn man or nute block of some sort. Notice the browning at the tips of the leafs.Kinda looks orange/yellow. Thats usually nute burn. Also they look over watered big time. My guess is after they started to look a bit droopy you started over watering in the hopes it would fix the problem. People have a tendancy to over water to compensate for other problems. A good buddy of mine said to me you gotta let the plants speak to you and for the most part stay outta there way. Human interfearance is 9 times out of 10 the problem with sick plants. You want the plants to completely dry out before you water again....BONE DRY. You want the roots to stretch for that water. If you pay attention there is a huge difference between a droopy plant and a thirsty plant. Also inspect the plant for bugs. If the old growth is dying and falling of dont sweat it as long as the new growth is nice and green thats all that matters. good luck and relax let the plants do there thing.... GROW, its what they do best!!
  8. don't use miracle grow. ue pro grow instead that is what your problem is


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