Why are my leaves like this

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Salfal, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Why are so the leaves look like their crumpling up I'm feeding them regular 7.0-6.7 ph water with some mag/ cal. any help at all would be amazing thank you

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  2. Info? Pics are good but we need all the variables to make an educated guess.

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  3. Well it's within two weeks old the water is at around 6.7-7.0 ph I feed it some mag cal and that's about it. I was feeding it compost tea but the tea got a little rancid so I had to toss it.

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  4. I would start by lowering the water's ph to between 6.2-6.8
    Would feed NOTHING until the plant is about 3+ weeks old.
    Starter leaves and soil will have all she needs til then.
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  5. Agreed, your plant will tell you when she begins to feel hungry. What's the temp and RH?

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  6. In the tent Last I checked its around 80F and the rh is around 65-60%

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  7. How close are your lights? And what are you using for lights? I've seen a bit of leaf curl on the edges when lights were too close to the plants.
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  8. I'm using led 300 w lights another one is coming in the mail today and the light is probably 12-18 inches from the plant I'm not sure though I'll check when I'm back at my tent

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  9. Okay. My issue was a 600 watt HPS. I don't run LED, but I can't imagine your leaf curl is from light heat at that distance with LEDs.
  10. Then I need to start growing my plant low my tent is only 4feet in height that is going to be fun

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  11. Be careful here..Seedlings are sensitive and your lights sound too close..Usually seedling stage lights are about 24" from tops, and Veg stage lights are about 18-24" from tops..later in flower..lights are between 12"-18" at least on my 450 Meizhi reflector LED..80dF is about max for most strains..usually keep temps between 72-78 if possible.
    RH is a bit high but with a small fan moving air around, should be ok for a short while..in a week or two, try to get RH about 50%.
    Look here for tons more info:
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  12. Better start training very soon! 4ft-1ft for pot-1ft for light hangers, leaves only 2 ft grow space not including the distance to plant tops..In other words..U B Screwed.:cry:
    Sounds like your tent might be for seedlings and/or clones.
  13. The temperate is around 85 f the rh is 63% I can't really change it because the tent is in a shed

    I raised the light to 24 inches and the total height of the tent is 5 feet
    I am now using tap water phed at 6.5
    This grow honestly is giving me anxiety because I feel that I ding gave enough room for the actual plant to grow tall

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  14. As I said..Train NOW!
    Google LST (Low Stress training), Topping, and Supercropping before she gets taller.
    Your PH is about PERFECT, LED distance can gradually be lowered to 18", and your Temps and RH will just have to do I guess..I avoided my own shed for just those reasons, unless you get an A/C unit.
  15. Here's an idea to save a foot or so..get a few (4) 11" Tie wraps (zip ties) and loop one between the light's hanger(s) built in hooks..then assemble the tie wraps together. That will make a "very short diy light hanger, saving about a foot.. Just did it here, since some of my plants are about 3' high and I needed the room..LOL, and my tent is 6' high.
  16. LOL that's a great idea and I was actually going to try and be a bit crafty and cut a whole big enough to put the carabiner thru and tie the actual pulley on a support above the tent. But I might try that for a bit thanks :)

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  17. This was so simple LMAO:
  18. My guess is heat. My plants doin the same thing in about the same temp

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  19. From everything I've experienced and been told 85F is the sweet spot to start causing damage to the plant. I had several leaves do this in my first grow and it was because the temps were creeping up to 85-86 max during the day time. I would do anything you could to try and bring those temps down to 77-78.

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