Why are my leaves curling up?

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    Posted this in sick plants and problems section, now i figure i should post it here so the coco peeps can help me out..

    Plants 6 weeks into flower, strain sour candy. Temps 78 - 82, RH 45 - 60% (usually just above 50%) Only just started curling up the last couple of days. Had this problem last grow which i put down to mg deficiency as i suffered that pretty bad. This grow been feeding with epsom salt, no discoloration like last time but leaves started canoeing again. Serrated tips have been curling up for a week or two. By that i mean every little sharp point on the leaf. Also grow skunk #1 which doesn't have this problem

    Bout to bust out some Koolbloom dry on those bitches but i'd much prefer they were 100% healthy before doing so

    What do you peoples think?
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  3. the plant doesnt look bad

    from what ive read/seen in the past, maybe under-watering or heat stress?

    is 78-82* your ambient temps?

    whats the temps like right under the light at the tops of your plants?
  4. Don't think under-watering, but possibly over-watering. Had been watering every 3 days which has been fine but this week i watered half strength after 2 days which is pretty much when it happened. 78 - 82* is at the top of the plants, not sure on temp elsewhere
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    tothehead may be on to something..

    "High Heat
    The marijuana plant is losing water via it’s leaves faster than what can be replaced by the root system. The marijuana leaf responds by leaf margin cupping or rolling up or down (most times up) in order to conserve moisture"..

    Your temps seem fine, but you never know..I'd try and keep it closer to 78* if at all possible and see how they do..
  6. Right will raise the light up a little bit. Was gonna do that until harvest anyway

  7. I think you might be on to something there Gryphonics! Winter here, frost this morning.. been winter for a while now tho. Not sure on lights off temps as my thermometer doesn't have high/low recording

    But im also thinking maybe the sour candy doesn't like that sort of heat. Last time i thought it was heat stress and sat lower than all my other plants (#1) but that didn't really help much. If people think maybe under-watering i will water every second day. At the moment i water every third day and the coco doesn't dry out or anything. Last grow was watering every second day but they were in smaller grow bags

    Might just stop growing sour candy. Got vanilla kush and pineapple express for the next grow so guess ill push sour candy off to the side and just clone to keep her alive. Buds aren't as good as skunk #1 anyway just yields a little more..
  8. I think you're worrying over nothing mate. It's not unusual for a plant to curl up a little bit like that. It can be heat stress, low humidity, it could be the proximity of the plant to a fan - all these things cause the plant to transpire quicker than it can bring up water- or it could be a combination of those things with a little bit too much nutrient. When your nutes get a bit too high in the plant that can make the plant react to heat levels it could otherwise tolerate - I notice there's a little bit of tip burn on that plant.

    I mean these are all possible causes of what is still a very minor thing. I wouldn't call it a problem and if the strain turns out nice otherwise, it's definitely no reason to scrap it.
  9. Just worrying as last time i had mg def. and not sure if it was related or not, but i lost a shiteload of weed to dry crispyness.. also lost a lot to mold too. Two totally different extremes in the one grow room?
  10. Exactly why in my garden(s), environment is king...:)
  11. Just back off that feed a bit from whatever strength gave it tip burn and I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't over fuss.

    If you suspect/fear bud rot, keep checking daily round harvest time, checking for any discoloured leaves.

    Keep a very close eye on the little leaves which protrude from the bud. If you see any discolored or curled over on themselves (doom) give them a little tug. If they stay, cool. If they come away with no resistance, open the bud to check for botrytis... the grey ghost. I fuckin hate that shit.

    Good air circulation and nice healthy plants help keep it away. Don't overfeed nitrogen and try and not burn the plants. All these things give budrot an avenue.
  12. Yeah fuggin botrytis..Once I got hit with the grey shit, my nugs were dense as shit, it was wintertime, my portable heat took a shit, temps dipped and RH skyrocketed, and no dehuy..That and poor air circulation is what caused it, I'm sure of it..At least it contributed..
    Environment is king dudes and dudettes..;)

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