Why are my clones looking like this?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jebe99, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I'm planning to plant them into soil in my back yard. So I've been hardening them off by putting them in the sun for few hours a day last several days.
    Is this caused by too much sun? Are cannabis clones that fragile?
    I'm thinking they'll bounce back once planted in the soil after a few days. I do have vegetable gardening experience.

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  2. That’s alot of leaves for them to be clones!

    I keep mine under t5’s. And outdoor ones in the shade... although i threw one clone in SANDY soil a week or two ago when it was in the 90’s.

    hardly even watered it; it was an extra, everything on it died and it was essentually just a stick in the ground and this morning there was new growth lol. Doing better than some of the clones i baby!

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  3. If your nutrients are correct then yeah it should be. Leaves usually curl upwards when they have light/heat stress. Though I'm no professional so take my advice with a pinch of salt.

    To acclimate my plants I do this:

    I start all my grows indoors for a month then put them outside. What I do is I leave them in a shady area for a every day for a week(or until they show no signs of stress). Then put them under evening sun (3pm till sunset) to get them used of sunlight that isn't too bright. I do that for another week or two until plant no longer shows signs of stress. After that I just leave them outside under full sunlight for the rest of their lives. I give them half a month to get used of conditions. Then I toss or give away whatever still cant get used of the outside enviroment.

    You need tough plants for the outdoors. Plants that dont adapt well, or are weak will often stress a lot. That can lead to hermaphrodites which could ruin your whole grow. So don't worry about getting rid of them. All you need is one hermie to ruin everything.

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  4. Rotting wood material in the medium robs the plant of nitrogen as it breaks down. That's quite the mulch pile on top of those.

    Get some promix/ 15% course perlite and fabric pots elevated out of the drain trays. Either mix it with your preferred soil amendments or hydro feed it. Watch how they take off.
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  5. Yup.
    That's what usually happens with tomato plants that I grow too. Plants are amazingly resilient.
  6. Thanks. I think I gave them too much sun too soon.
    I should've been more patient like you.
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  7. Thanks. I do think I could use more nitrogen on them.
  8. I take my girls out into 115 deg heat and they make it fine. I don't even baby them anymore. Looks like u got issues in there. Maybe this strain doesn't like heat at all. But I'm not a no till guy so they will have to help u straighten out ur deficiencies

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  9. It's probably sun burn. I bought these clones from a shop where they had them under artificial lights 24 hours a day, and I put them in soil, and then out into sun. I'm also a no till "Back to Eden" style gardener. I think they'll do fine when I put them in the ground.
  10. They will recover it's still got a lot more life yet out of new leaves and all. Mine gets wind burn a lot when i set them out but by the time they get into midflower they'll be fine

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