Why are my buds so small

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  1. I am in the flowering stage. There are alot of buds and the hairs are browning. But why are the buds so small. Is it because majority all the old big fan leaves died off. Or is it because I grew under cfl 125 watt 6500 k
  2. how many plants do you have? But in general cfl's are known for producing smaller buds.
  3. its the cfl's

  4. Affirmative.
  5. What will be the best light at affordable price. I had my eyes on that cooltube
  6. If you are first starting off you can go for a 150w MH/HPS
  7. It's not the CFLs- maybe a lack of them for sufficient light :( , but I get nice buds off my plants and I use CFLs! Just takes the plants a week or two more to mature fully, but I'm patient! ;)

    It may be your strain! Some strains are "kick-ass", but produce only a little. Their very high quality is their "saving grace", so you may have some low-producing, but dynamite bud! :smoking: Hope that's the case!

    Or it could just be your soil, or a deficiency. :confused_2:

    Keep reading the grow section- we got some real experts here at GC! :gc_rocks:

    Granny :wave:
  8. It could be the fact that it's not fully mature yet..
  9. I'd go with a 400w light, you'll be happier that you did.

  10. ;):wave:
  11. This was my first grow so dont laugh. N yea she stretched and loss alot of fan leaves.

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  12. you need side lights. add a few cfl's along the side of the plant.
  13. Still not looking to bad bro.
  14. Yea she produced a whole lot of buds. Only if they was bigger. N im gonna to blaze every single one
  15. That's about a quarter dry probably, give or take.
  16. Yea probably. Yea imma need to get me another digi
  17. Next time, consider topping your plant during veg.

    I like to take off the top 2-3 inches and make a clone from it under 24/7. The "mother" plant will "sulk" for a couple of days, and then the side shoots start growing! :D

    You get a bushier plant, and therefore, more buds! :smoking: And a free clone! :yay:

    Win-win! :hello:

  18. once she been flowering is it too late to make clones
  19. Technically no. But it's harder because the hormones. They take a lot longer to root.

    It's more ideal to take them in vegetation.

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