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Why are most woman fuckn sluts

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Drug Man, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Personally, I am huge on respect and I don't date a girl if she is a "slut" nor do I ever engage in any sexual acts with anyone other than my girlfriend. I don't really care about other girls being "sluts" because I have all I need.

  2. pro tip: Don't feed the trolls ;D
  3. Because they just want the d.. and that's all.
  4. Arite, I'm a girl, but I agree that most girls are sluts. It's a problem. Do you see the 14 year olds these days? Oh my jesus, they look like mini-hookers. And the way they talk.. Smh. Society these days makes girls believe that girls are supposed to be sluts.

    I'm puerto rican from puerto rico, my parents were strict and I was raised different so when I don't give it up when dudes want me to give it up (on the first date) its always cuz i'm a "tease". Fuckkkkkk that. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? UGHHHH!!!

    Sorry. I feel strongly about this. Lmfaooo
  5. I agree 110%!
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    Out of curiosity, can you give me an example of how society makes girls sluts? I'm not arguing with you, as a matter of fact I agree with most of what you posted, I'm just wondering with your background you see this?
  7. Real shit.. But heres what I did with my last wife.. I had a talk with her after she decided to fuck my brother. I said yo bitch your fucking dead and i cut her until she bled to death...
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    Bullshit...you aren't allowed to have knives in Canada.
  9. what considers a girl a slut to u? :confused:

  10. Sluts are created because all of the young kids who try to be sluttie. And more dumb girls believe they should be better. Also the fact that our younger generation are really really really... REALLY Spoiled.. I had to grow my own weed when I was 12 cuz I had no money until I had a job at 17.... I even experimented. I walked up to a group of teens they said they were 14.. Smoking 2 blunts on 4 heads so I was like how did you get that money to buy the herb? As soon as they realised I wasnt going to rob them, They opened up and said there lunch money.. So i robbed them. True story. Thats my opinion on spoiled kids and how society really tries and makes girls be the best slut they can be.
  11. But then again, Are we not all sluts? Has anyone here not fucked a bitch, Or for u girls. Been the bitch getting fucked? Like all seriousness... Its Human Nature to take dick in the vajayjay when your hormones are raging.. So its not 100% Scientifically correct to call a bitch a slut. Besides isnt it all good for the guy?

    Man fucks the bitch
    Bitch cheats
    Man is free..

    Or you can simply find a real girl who isnt a dumb slut.. Most preferably a stoner girl. Thats what I need ^.^ Keep the dubbies burning young stoners..
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    You arouse me. Shit! Everyone is right about me!
  13. What you're saying is true, especially the edited part, but at the same time women get plenty of special treatment in Western society that also encourages inequality, yet they never complain about THAT treatment... MLK(a man that had to deal with true, violent inequality his entire life) had the best opinion on feminism, masculism(it actually exists believe it or not) or any focus on one group's plights instead of all people's:

    An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.

  14. hahaha they actually considered making a knife registry up here in my province a while back after a bunch of stabbings. Our politicians still won't admit violent people don't need a gun to kill whoever they want.
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    They should have a poutine registry. Shits lethal!
  16. Yooo....
    I wanna Bab....
    Fucking you.....

  17. Pretty much true. I have issues myself. I'm afraid to loose my wife to some younger motherfoooooooker. I know there are guys out that feel this way. They arent man enough to admit it though.
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    Well younger isn't always better to a lot of women. Ignoring your wife or not giving her The Sex might make her leave but not because of your age. Typically women aren't visual and even then age doesn't usually factor in.
  19. Most women aren't "fuckn sluts", actually. At least, in my personal experience.
    (In my head, slut = chick that bangs a lot of different dudes. You're definition might be different. I don't know yo' life)
    It depends on who you hang out with. Everyone is different; like snowflakes :D
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    Balls? Pffft...my woman is a good ten years younger than me (a true bohemian, earthy, self-willed chica, smoking hot, poetic, funny) and if I learned anything it is that women in general prefer a clean, masculine, mature man with a solid body that treats them with respect and gives them mutliple spastic orgasms everytime they make love. Age doesn't really factor into that imo, unless your so old your balls hang to your knees or so young you squeek when you talk.

    Make her feel your appreciation of her value as an important human being. Make her feel your appreciation of her incredible beauty and femininity as a woman. Make her cum till she can't take it any more, make her laugh, and make it easy for her to feel fucking great about herself around you and you got no worries bro. :D

    Manage all this and there will be no fear of any young pup sniffing around your lady=- quite the opppsite, you'll get a ton of attention from hot young girls, attention which you will respectfully reject in your Ladies presence by giving all of it to her and none to them.

    All in my humble opinion. :cool:

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