Why are most feminist so unattractive?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JamaicanBacon, Oct 16, 2014.

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  1. Ever notice how most feminist are realllyyyy unattractive. Either out of shape are just plain ugly. I know I'm not one to talk, but why don't we ever see a pretty feminist? Its always the ones that don't seem to get enough male attention. Idek just something I noticed, what are your thoughts on this?

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  2. I know some attractive feminists. They're not the radical feminists that are pretty much anti-men, which is what I'm assuming you're referring to lol
  3. because hot girls have no problem with the way men treat them most likely 
  4. Really, just about anyone, regardless of gender or any other distinction, is usually perceived as unattractive when they define themselves as pissed-off victims ad nauseum, then bitch and whine about it every chance they get.
  5. carpet munchers
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    Personally I'd say that their attitudes and outlooks are far more disgusting than their shitty appearances.
  7. Well I knew I'd get a few laughs in here, and sure enough, :laughing:
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    Where do I even start? Jesus fuck.

    Shitty attitude and outlooks? What's so shitty about wanting to respected and seen in an equal light regardless of if you have boobs, are black, Hispanic, Christian, Muslim, ect? Why is it that when women want to be seen as human beings instead of just walking mattresses with holes, men get butt hurt and pissed off?

    And since you want to generalize all women, how about you generalize all men and tell them to stop raping people and shooting up schools and killing their partners because they've realized they can't love an insecure, creep?

    Yes, because all feminists are lesbians and all lesbians are unattractive. Good logic.

    What?? Hold on. What you're suggesting here is more radical then any feminists I know. Are you saying that only ugly women have a problem with the way men treat them? I don't even understand this. Is it okay for men to treat a woman badly because he doesn't find her attractive? Is your self worth and respectability based upon how fuckable you are?

    Lots of feminists are anti men because of disgusting comments like the ones heard here.

    I am a feminist. An attractive one. I get lots of attention from males on a daily basis. I always have.

    My thoughts on this are a million fold.

    1. Feminists have figured out that the only sexuality that's deemed appropriate is sexuality that is centered around pleasing the straight male. That's why all you see is tits and ass shoved down your throat 24/7 no matter if you're watching a commercial about beer or fucking chicken wings. Tits and ass sell because men pay for tits and ass. But only the tits and ass that are the flavor of the week. And it constantly changes. 100 years ago, pale plump women were considered attractive.

    In the 90s, extremely skinny women with no curves except tits were considered the ideal body type.

    Now, "curvy" is in. We feminists realize that there is no universal beauty. It's all just a sham funded by people who make money off of women constantly trying to reinvent themselves to be some random idea of what sexy is.

    So, we figure, fuck it. Look good for your damn self.

    Are you saying that I am somehow wrong if I don't care to work out or to do my make up so that you find me attractive?

    Is it really that damn important to be considered fuckable? Should women not be worried about getting their bills paid and trying to live a happy life and spend all of their time in the mirror doing squats so you can get a chubby every time we by?

    Okay. That's what's important. That's my only goal in life. Getting a mans dick hard. Got it.
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    calm down.... all i sad was that men do, for better or worse, treat hot girls better. i was waiting for a bladie to come and get their panties in a bunch over this, like this is the first sexiest thread in Pandora box. he asked a question, we all gave pretty logical answers if you think about it non biastly  
  10. Feminists still exist?? Thought that shit died out by now.

  11. Logical? Please show me one ounce of logic anywhere in this thread besides what I said, of course and I will eat a turd.
  12. How can it die out when there are still men in this world who think that women exist solely for the purpose of getting their dicks hard? To be seen and not heard? When guys think that we should just sit in a corner and laugh at your stupid jokes and suck your dicks whenever you want but ONLY your dick or else we are sluts.
  13. Sometimes I want the world and all the people in it to burn.
  14. Solidarity. All this hate against women, it's a damn shame.
  15. I honestly think a feminist's attitude is the most unattractive thing about them. It's easy for me to find a beautiful woman 'ugly' due to her personality. 
    Imo, a feminist is no different than a male chauvinist pig. Instead of focusing on co-existing in some kind of harmony, both feminist and male chauvinist pig are pre-occupied w/ dominating the other sex, and it always leads to their demise in relationships, which is why both are usual miserable people. 
    My Step-Sister is a feminist and always posts the most retarded man hating shit on Facebook. She's had two failed marriages bc she got involved w/ douche bags in the military, so now of course every male is to blame. As soon as she gets a new bf though - her stupid posts stop. Surprise surprise. 
    At the end of the day there are plenty of shitty men and women in the world - if you let your experience with one or two turn you into a radical within the context of human relationships - the loss is yours, and you'll miss out on happiness in life due to the bitterness you cling to. 
    most men, while it is wrong, do treat women that are attractive better, specifically in social situations. you probably havnt noticed, your attractive. You say you're a feminist, im sure youve noticed some of the women there arnt exactly what you would call full of outer beauty.  Im willing to bet many feminists are anti-men because they have been mistreated by a man at some point in life because he would of rathered to talked to/used to resources on a more attractive girl. Youve never passed a dude up because there was a cuter guy elsewhere? Youve never been kinda bitchy to guy because he was kinda pimply? im calling BS. 
  17. [quote name="trainunderwater" post="20778154" timestamp="1413482892"]How can it die out when there are still men in this world who think that women exist solely for the purpose of getting their dicks hard? To be seen and not heard? When guys think that we should just sit in a corner and laugh at your stupid jokes and suck your dicks whenever you want but ONLY your dick or else we are sluts.[/quote
    Well i cant say much for THOSE guys, and i cant say i feel your pain because i am not a women. But unfortunately thats how this world works, there will always be men who think that way because there are women out there who acy like they should be treated that way.

  18. Hate against women, men, gay people, trans people, white people, black people, asians, Mexican people, or any other type of people. It's fucking annoying.

    If their is a god, this is why he's displeased and disgusted with humans, not gay people, not different religions, but hate, distain, judgment without first judging your own faults, dishonesty and cowardice.

    Because if I accept that guys treat me nicely when they want to fuck me, then I would have to accept a guy treating me badly because he thinks I'm ugly.

    If we are dating, obviously looks matter. If I am your coworker and you give me special treatment or worse treatment because you want to fuck me or you don't want to fuck me, you're wrong.

    And to be clear, yes. A lot of feminists hate men because they have been raped and abused by men. They lost faith in men for whatever reason but the good guys out there stand on the sidelines and let the sexist assholes have the loudest voice.

    It's so shitty. Bottom line, as a feminist, treat me like a human being. Treat me as an individual.

    Treat everyone as an individual. Don't bring your bias into the work force or politics. Leave it in your bedroom.
  20. Soooo much butthurt in this thread.
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