Why are mechanics scum bags?

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  1. Not all of them, got some friends in the industry who are mechanics. But we know there's a stereotype, plus title is kind of baity. Anyway I've had a mechanic break my window motor and then try to claim it was like that when I got there and charge me to fix it at a later date. Needless to say I spent the winter in the Midwest with my driver window all the way down. Hell must me cold because my God.
    And the dealership broke a stud on my mom's car and tried to claim it was "wear and tear" during a tire rotation. I called and asked them if they could truly defend that a wheel stud, something designed to keep the wheel on with the lock nut, is going to be subject to what they call wear and tear. And I think they knew that replacing the whole part and not charging was the thing to do after that. It's just like, why tho? Well I know why, cars are complex, people be gullible, and people be scamming. But man... it makes me sad mane.

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  2. Finding a trustworthy mechanic is like finding a good friend, hard to come by my man ;)
  3. It happens. I doubt it was their fault.
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  4. Dealers are the worst.
    My sisters VW stopped running. Somehow the Coil wire had broke mid point so dad stripped the ends, hooked them up and put a Band-Aid on it. Took car to dealer for plugs and wires and an oil change.
    $200.00 and when Pop opened the hood there was the Band-Aid. Pulled oil dipstick. Hmm same dirty oil it had.

    My own new Ford was so bad I started using a sharpie and putting my name and date on the filters. So you replaced my filter and copied my handwriting as well ?? Lying bastards. I started opening the hood before I left the lot.

    Then there was the Chrysler dealer who removed a connecting rod insert on my Aunts mini van during an oil change sabotaging and destroying the engine. I could see the clear silicon all over the oil pan as soon as I crawled under it. Teardown showed the missing bearing shell on # 3 Rod.

    In more recent times with my Current Kia the dealer has tried over and over to charge me for warranty covered repairs. After the body warranty ended they tried the same on 2 more safety related covered items.

    It's become a game of I call Kia Consumer Affairs first and get them to call their own dealer and instruct them to cover the fix. I can't image how many other people not smart enough to challenge the bill are getting hosed.
    Door locks failed and you couldn't open the doors from inside. Safety Recall ! DOH. Dealer tried to hit me for $400 each door.

    When the front end started clunking over bumps and dips the dealer wanted $500 to diagnosis it. Local independent shop charged $60 for the same. I'd already figured due to the mileage it needed new struts being fairly car savvy but to old to do the work myself now. Guess what shop I'll let do the Job?

  5. its a dying industry, like the last guys selling and repairing 'buggy whips' of 1910,
    they need to charge 300% to make up for all the repairs they didn't fix
    after all when was the last time your car needed a mechanic

    Nah I can't remember but the model of car is important
    last 3 models
    Range Rover
    Range Rover (price of euro gas to high so )
    current - Volvo
  6. My Husband Own His Own Mechanic Business An I Can Honestly Say He Not A A Scum Bag An Never Rip People Off Or Anyting Like That. That Why His Business Not Failing. People Trust Him An His Employees.

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  7. It’s not just the ‘Mechanics’ but everyone

    there is no self responsibility anymore

    no one wants to deal with the repercussions of causing damage. Plus they are lazy and don’t want to take the extra effort

    case in point. I feel bad about it now but still

    i build fences. This guy had all of these water pipes on the fence line and they were exactly where the post go. I didn’t put the water lines there. Common sense would tell u not to. So whoever did was a dumbass but still

    they got broken while I was trying to do my job. The guy wanted me to pay to fix them but i didn’t put the pipes there in the first place and I told him that.
    I was lazy and I didn’t want to deal with the extra shit

    that’s why U think some mechanics are bad people

    now since then I have learn to get ahead of that problem. I have it in my work agreement that when k come across a sprinkler line, I get $95 per line to move out of the way

    in a way, that’s different from the mechanic breaking the window switch. That window switch could have 1028 uses on it and ur mechanic just so happen to have used it on that 1028 times

    so when u went to use it at 1029 times, it didn’t work

    put urself into that shoe. How would U feel if u rented a car and the engine died out while u were driving it and the car place made u pay to fix it?

    r u a zillion percent sure the motor went bad? Often times it is the window switch. That’s an easy fix. The motor kind of is but annoying I did a couple of those in my car

    also. Have u checked the fuse to see if the fuse went bad?
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    And that’s how U build your business. Ur not going to last if u rip people off or do poor work
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