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Why are house rules so hard to follow?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplemudkip, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Alright this has been pissing me off for quite a while and I figured that I'd share it with my fellow blades. We all know those people who are just too stupid/dumb/disrespectful/high to respect the rules that someone has about smoking, or just in general.
    My friend J and I are usually the hosts in our circle. Well, more so him because I can't smoke. But we were talking about this kind of shit. J has an ash tray on his table and people STILL ASH ON THE FUCKING TABLE. One of our friends in particular likes to take it to the next level and ash on the floor or even ash on J just to piss him off. So there's that.
    And I let people smoke in my room as long as they take the concealing precautions that I tell them to like blowing out the window and stuff. This one kid named James, first he tried sparking a bowl in my living room without asking then when I told him the proper protocol he just sat there and blew smoke all around my room. When I'm at my other house, people don't seem to understand the concept of a sploof and a dick step dad.

    Shit just pisses me off how disrespectful some people are. Follow the house rules. They're there for a reason.
  2. If people don't follow the rules, throw their ass out.
    They'll get the point and not do it again should you decide to let them back in your place in the future.
  3. Yeah man I don't see what the issue is. People smoke at my house too but if they don't follow the rules they are gone. When people are being assholes you just have to show that what's up
  4. Sounds like you aren't doing a great job enforcing the rules. They seem to enjoy disrespecting you and your friend J.
  5. Narrow your list of friends. Don't hang around dumb shits just to "hang" with ppl.

  6. Thats an ass whoopin. No two ways about it.
  7. you have some pretty disrespectful friends man.

  8. ^this
  9. Dude that must suck i have a few friends that do that to just makes me wanna punch one of them
  10. This should have been the first and last reply here.

    They break your house rules, they do not respect you. If they do not respect you, you do not respect them, and you throw their fucking asses out of your house. If they bitch, have your crew beat their fucking asses.

    You do NOT disrespect a person or their house. That is a position to get yourself killed in some places.
  11. I hate people like that. You got to keep an eye on them at all times, cause you can't trust them at all.

    Most of my friends respect my rules, but I'm sure everyone has come across at least 1 person who just didn't give a shit cause it didn't concern them.
  12. ya man I've never understood people like this, like I always feel kinda uncomfortable in other peoples houses so I always try not to make a mess and if we eat anything I'll just go wash my plate, and I'll ask if I can break stuff down on their table even, I just don't wanna be the guy the regret having over and I don't see how people will come over and they'll walk in the door and just start goin through my fridge and shit
  13. When people pull that shit with me I may or may not tolerate it when it happens but I just don't call them again after that. J texted me and said that Kyle ashed on the table again. I told j that he should make Kyle sit outside (it's like 30 degrees out right now) every time he does it. I told Kyle that shit isn't cool and it's like when I first met him and he didn't use the spoof in my room. He just laughed like a dumb oaf.
  14. In a group situation there's always people who get to high or drunk whatever and do stupid shit but to blatantly disrespect the rules of house when they have been clearly established is just not fucking on.

    I'm pretty chill as far as rules go but I hate people who just don't know when it's time for them to go the fuck home. Especially if your trying to close the deal with a girl and mother fuckers just won't take a hint. Then you have to tell them straight up and look like a jerk.
  15. Yeah man sadly my best friend since early childhood is somewhat like this.. When we were kids I used the be the bigger and stronger one and always push his ass around and shit. Now that we're older I've been using 'other' substances and am not exactly able to hold my own. He basically just pushes me around and eats all the food in my house but hey, karma's a bitch I guess. Lol sorry for the story just needed to get that off my chest

  16. Oh man thats the worst. Im just like how did your parents raise so badly that you feel completely comfortable in someone elses house (except like a best friend). Also what the other guy said about people not getting the hint when to leave.
  17. If somebody ashed on me in MY house, they wouldn't be in my house much longer. Are you smoking with kids or something?
  18. Yup if anyone ashes on my floor= punched in the face and kicked th fuck out thats seriously shitty..
  19. Cuz, the more you get told not to do something, the more you'll subconsciously wana do it. Human nature, my dudey:smoke:
  20. i love how with even minor stuff everyone seems to get into the whole "beat that fucker with a baseball bat" mentality and if someone actually followed that advice through it would start becoming bad advice, just chill and talk it through :smoke:

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