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why are glass pipes better than metal?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by YoooJess, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Metal seems like the less desirable option ...why
  2. many metals that are used in home made pipes can release toxins when heated. A lot of store bought metal pipes are painted, which once again, can release toxins.

    People like glass because it is inert, meaning it doesnt release any toxins, or funny tastes into your smoke.

    Beyond health and taste reasons, a lot of people like to buy really artsy glass and show it off. Also glass is a sign of status in the stoner world, I definitely remember buying my first glass piece, and then showing it off.
  3. Glass is completely hypoallergenic. Some people can have allergic reactions to certain metals. And alot of the classic little metal pipes have acrylic sections in them too, which can leech out chemicals.
  4. taste and the heat factor...

    it is possible to get a glass pipe hot to touch like you would a metal one , but alot less likely
  5. Usually the only metal smoking utensil you will come across is a one-hitter.
  6. i love my helix glass one hitter :)
  7. Sometimes more flashy and they are known to be smoother and it eliminates the metalic taste
  8. Kissing very hot metal sucks

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