Why are extractor fans so loud

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  1. Why are extractor fans so loud ? I mean there not massively loud but can still tell

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  3. Deffo not it’s already too powerful and oversized for my space

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  4. Have you reduced the fan speed?
  5. are you running it full speed or reduced speed.
    You can usually ru your fans at a lower speed and they can still be effective, all depending of course on the tent and fan sizing.
    I've found though that unless it's a really, really cheap fan, most of the noise is actually the air moving thru the ducting and exiting the ducting. I added in inline silencer on both my tents and it made a world of difference. Now, unless I'm running the exhaust system at full speed I can't hear it even standing next to to the tent in a quiet room. The built in fan on my LED lights driver is about 10x the sound level than the fan system is in my tents now.
    Check your system, you may find it's the air moving rather than the fan. if it's really your fan making that loud of a noise than sometimes how you mount it can help also or you may just need to run it at a lower speed.
    if it's a cheap fan it just might be loud
  6. It was 40€ but is good at extracting the air even on low it sucks my tent all in

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