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Why are edibles so unpredictable

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by motoxer, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. So yesterday I had a dope muffin I made, been eating them all week, about 1 a day. Yesterday I ate one and a half and smoked a bunch. It was all fine and dandy till I drank a 8 oz can of beer. Shortly after a got super duper fucked up scary high. Can help bu think the weed muffin and beer had some kinda reaction in my gut. I had this same thing happen a couple years ago, today I feel spacy and lethargic. I like edibles and all but fuck.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. I know. I put around .5 grams of hash in my coffee and butter and I barely felt high. A few days after, I put in the same amount of everything and I get so fucked up, like I had really bad hallucinations. I'm clueless as well. Might be what you ate before or something.
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    Every edible i've eaten had no effect on me. I have eaten ones from MMJ shops too.
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    I said that before. Then I met BadKitty and her awesomeness. Damn does she know how to cook  :smoking: . 
    On the same note, I've noticed this before…. Ate one muffin, nothing. Ate one muffin, same batch, quite pleased. Why? I do not know.
    Also, I find edibles affect everyone differently. Whether you ate it on an empty stomach. What you had it with. Is it your first time having edibles? I find these things all play a huge part in how the person feels.
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    Smoking Pot = /\\-9-THC/CBD -> converted to THC-COOH
    Eating Pot = 9-THC -> converted to 11-Hydroxy-THC (More potent than 9-THC) -> converted to THC-COOH
    That's very strange. Are you on any prescription medications? Did you used to drink a lot at one point or do you still? Do you have hepatitis or any other liver issues? Have you had any tests done on hepatic function?

  6. Some ppl's bodies don't process THC well through edibles. It's just the way it is.
    IMO those ppl don't have a healthy enough diet.
  7. First didn't know they had 8oz cans of beer. 2cd if this is for real alcohol helps carry the canabanoids through your system faster.
  8. I really don't believe edibles can't work on a person if it's done right. And if you make the edibles right everything then you can predict what's going to happen lolSent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. An 8oz beer LOL.
    Alcohol does a lot of things. It binds to GABA receptors and mimics their effect in the brain. Alcohol inhibits glutamate and releases serotonin and dopamine. Alcohol is a good solvent and it was believed the effect of alcohol was due to its ability to change the permeability nerve membranes. I'm sure alcohol makes cannabiniods more soluble and helps transport them. Short answer -- alchol increases the effect of pot.

    The other point is the variblity of edible. There are a lot of varibles between eating some pot and it working on your brain. "A dope muffin I made" is pretty vague. Did you sprinkle some herb on them, use cannabutter or an extract? That's just the even dosing issue. There are a lot of factors involved getting pot from the gut to the brain. Smoking get's the active ingredients to the brain quicker and they go away quicker. Plus, it's not like taking a pill with a single active ingredient.
  10.  It's called a "pony" and as common some places as a small 8oz can of soda, which means not common but they can be found without a lot of effort. They cost as much as 12oz, though.  :)
  11. A pony around here is a shot of whiskey with your beer?
    I thought that was a boilermaker. "Pony" actually is used for more than cans. There's a "pony keg", "pony bottles and cans". It just means a smaller version. Mickey's Cream Ale uses little 8oz pony bottles, little green ones. Bud, Miller, and Schlitz used to have the cans and a pony keg would be one that fit in the fridge for home use. The ponies are popular with commercial tour companies that provide "refreshments" so the customers don't get too drunk. I went snorkeling off Key West a bunch of years ago and the boat company had ponies there, but only for the ride back.  :)
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    pony is shot size I oz to make a boiler maker. Regular shot 1 1/2. My bad. Sounds like a good time was had Sam. Think a boilermaker is when you drop it (pony) shot glass and all into your beer. Marketing companies are always looking for ways to make smaller portions and charge the same amount of money we continually screw each other in the name of profits.
    Sorry for the tirade but being an old gent like I am remember when candy bars were the largest size and they cost a nickel! It's a vicious cycle.
    That goes along with the other examples, just a smaller portion of a standard volume. Makes sense to me.
    I had been scheduled for wrist surgery the following week and decided to take the trip to the reef while I could. It was pretty cool and on the way back I had a few of those pony Buds, plus the catamaran was rolling. When I got back to shore, I tried to walk into a store but the sidewalk seemed like it was on the waves, too, and I stumbled and broke the wrist again since it was still weak. I don't really know if it was due to the ponies or the equilibrium change from sea back to shore. Probably a little of both. Hadn't had time to get stoned yet.  ;)
  15. Oh Sam I am so freaking sorry bro. Get well soon you'll stay in my prayers.
    That was 1989 so don't waste the Good Man's time for it. They were going to have to break the little wrist bone again anyway to fix it so it caused no complications and the reef was worth the experience.  :smoking:
  17. Granny needs to reply
  18.           The problem is with the dosing. When you eat a drug, it goes through the liver before reaching the bloodstream. The liver neutralizes ~80% of the drug at that time. Medical professions call this "first pass" because it's the first pass through the liver before being sent back through by the circulatory system. This is why IV drug dosages are so much lower than PO (by mouth) dosages. When you absorb a drug by any other means (i.e. inhalation, etc.), there's no first pass. It's why you use so much more pot for cooking recipes than in your bowl (that, and what dissipates or gets left behind in the cooking process). It's also why that fad of vodka enemas in colleges a few years ago was killing people.
              Not to mention, when you smoke something, it's moved straight to the bloodstream from the lungs. You feel the effect, and can immediately gauge where you are. You're not going to get any higher unless you smoke more b/c you just got the full dose all at once. The digestive system is much slower. It's going to take ~30-45 mins to reach therapeutic levels in the bloodstream and it's going to come and go as one long wave.
              When you consume edibles, err on the side of caution. You'll need an hour AT LEAST just to gauge how strong one serving is. So, have ONE and be patient!
    Stay classy.

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