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why are bongs soo good?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. over joints and pipes, i just got a new glass bong and when i toke off my bong i get a much longer lasting head high how comes that?
  2. Simple answer: You get a lot more smoke thats been filtered and cooled, than you would in a joint or bowl.
  3. cuz the stack fills with smoke and u take it all in easy cuz its cooler.. i LOVE bongs
  4. yea so do i again now lol i forgot what it was like cause i couldnt oford a new one till i got xmas cash
  5. I think that another part of why bogs give a different high is that, on top of being able to cash a large bowl in a few hits, with a bong you have filtered smoke. This means that you are smoking closer to pure THC (plus a few other pyshoactive chemicals) which gets you the strong "head" high of a bong. Look at bong water... see all that crap in it... thats whats not being smoked because (obviously) it is in the water. Bongs are a good thing.
  6. Thanks Martha!
  7. hmm i would say because bongs also give you more of the available THC then joints of bowls do.I also think its becuz you take in all that smoke all at once it just gives you quite a head rush
  8. just thinking of bongs is making me trip. gotta get a new bong!!
  9. My theory: big rips: fucks you up

    smaller hits but more(resulting in same thc): not the same, mellower

    the thing about bong filtering tar and stuff is actually not totally right, they filter out more thc than they do tar. I could go look up on and post the link but i've done it a gazillion time and right now everything's such a drag, i can't be assed to do it.

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