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Why are almost all the girls I date against smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by White_chris111, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. You'll find a stoner girl. Or a normal girl lol.

    When I'm on dating sites the girls that advertise they smoke weed have never talked back to me. Only 1 girl and it was ages ago when I was like 18 I'm 25 now lol.

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  2. It's about having money too because it gives you something to do. My ex left me because I quit my job so in a way it makes her look selfish for just wanting me for my money but that's the way it is.

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    It's been the opposite in my experience. The women in my life have been massive smokers. My wife loves to smoke all my weed and send me the bill. (she also takes good care of me so its an even trade off) Guess you have to keep looking and don't give up.
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  4. Unrelated to the OP: Don't truck drivers have to submit to random tests by the DOT (Department of Transportation) to keep a CDL?

    If YES: How do you pass a random?
  5. It’s because you hang out with drunk bitches so of course their gonna hate on weed smoke .. those that drink will always have a problem with those who smoke ... stop associating yourself with drunk bitches & get to know more stoner girls ...
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  6. The last girl I dated never wanted to smoke, but she'd always hangout during our sessions with friends so she didn't mind being around it. The girl I'm dating now likes to smoke so we smoke together, it's chill.
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  7. Wish my wifey would partake in the fun. But i also respect her wishes of not wanting to. Freedom is a sweet thing.
  8. Exactly!! Friends that I wouldn't date or if I just mess around with seem to be ok with it. It's strange
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  9. From my experience, girls who have "looking for a smoke buddy" on their bio are just looking for attention and a smash
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  10. All my local "Stoner chicks" are eather Lesbians or over the age of 30

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  11. Dude I'd give my left nut for a stoner chick
  12. Maybe women see weed as a roadblock to stability? I always here women using that word. That would be financial stability, not emotional stability.
  13. You are probably just young. Just wait, the women will start smoking.
  14. Easy, because the females with whom you choose to socialize don't smoke weed. You need to meet new people. Hell, I'm an old married dude and know plenty of younger girls who toke up.
  15. I Know A Bunch Of Girls That Smoke and I meet more of them thru the ones I already know, I seen a girl lie to a dude once that she doesn’t smoke then later that day we hotboxed her car. The good old days.

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  16. I'll take the 30 year old please.
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  17. Honestly what explodes my brain is how Mexican community think weed is horrible and uppers are ok. I cannot make this shit up. My gf is from Mexico and new to all this weed stuff. Especially now i am getting a job in it. At first she was freaked out now however she is seing all this information everywhere. However i have met a lot of the community even though it is small but they are not saints. Unmentionables actually are really bad in the community but still think something from the earth is much worse. "Im like hey i know this drug wont force me awake for 3 days and is not made with sulfate and rat poison lol.

    Some are becoming curious now to try it. Kind of cute just sad because they are told it is horrible like how americans use to think marijuana made black people insane tribal cannables lmfao.
  18. I can tell you for a fact that’s and isolated case as my own Grandma Cultivated Cannabis And She Is Mexican. The thing is that there are some people that haven’t been properly informed throughout time so many people from different cultures still believe the old perception of Weed. But we are in a age of easily excess able information so many people are starting to get knowledgeable of how amazing it truly is. My own mom is still abstinent to the fact but she’s comprehending how important it’s is to the health of others especially when I showed her videos of how it can help calm a seizure moments after it is applied to a patient vs prescribed narcotic’s. I will try have her hit a joint at least once but she is stubborn.

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  19. Now thinking about it I need have a session with my grandma soon

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