Why are aliens going to contact us? Why are we the least developed civilization/speci

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  1. I don't get why people who are convinced alien life exists, that they are vastly technologically superior to us. I just don't get it. Could it be we are more technologically advanced than they, and several generations from now, WE will be the ones making first contact?

    What I'm asking is......why do aliens have spaceships and the ability to travel through space at very high speeds while we don't? How do you guys know they can do this FOR SURE? Any proof?
  2. Well, part of it is that people want to be alive when something of this magnitude happens, and so they're outlook is that if Aliens are more advanced, they have a higher chance in encountering them in their lifetime opposed to our civilization finding other lifeforms. Therefor, movies are based on Aliens visiting us, and not us visiting aliens.

    Another thing could be the mystery of ancient civilizations and how they built things such as the Pyramids. There's actually some decent evidence that our ancestors were helped by a more advanced life form. There's a really good documentary on it by the history channel. You should check it out.
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    I think the basic theory is that with the statistically large chance of life out there, there will be many of those species which will be more intelligent, assuming consciousness is not isolated here on earth. Its easier to assume they would come here to us before we figure out how to break the speed of light, or create and use wormholes successfully, than the other way around looking at where we are today with our technology.

    Or the other theory would be that alien ships have been here already, drawn in caves and seen by rednecks, so those aliens would obviously be more advanced.
  4. Because the universe is billions of years old, if an alien civilization had a billion or even a million year head start on us just imagine how advanced they would be (just look how far we have gone in just 100 years).
  5. I was sittin in the bar, drinkin one night, and a conspiracy theorist was babbling about how there's like a UN, only it's intergalactic, and all the world leaders know about it and Earth is left alone as a "developing planet" like a developing country in Africa. And then a bunch of shit about how Masons know how to call Aliens.

    Conspiracy and bullshit of course, but how funny would it be if to Aliens we were some "shit planet" like to some folks a poorer nation in Africa is a "shit country?"
  6. That would be pretty funny ^

    But then most of us in the Western World would probably see what it's like to be shit on by the higher classes (The more advanced alien species)
  7. Galactic irony at its finest.
  8. On the actual point, I don't think that it's about "We're the least advanced species" it's that most people who adopt thinking that we're not alone in this Universe think that there are multiple alien species.

    With that in mind we're highly unlikely to be the MOST advanced.
  9. from what i understand, our system is 1 of the youngest. so besides the fact that we have encounters, the probability of there being older n more advanced alien species/races, is rather high. not to say all life would go about our route, towards tech. personally i hope there's an alien monk planet, growing space weed n becoming 1 with nature.
  10. for all are one

    what happens at the bottom may affect the top
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZkyRl5IreM]Stephen Hawking - We must colonize space in order to survive - YouTube[/ame]
  12. .....ummm. Never mind.
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    I don't get it. Why would aliens want to help us build the Pyramids?

    Aren't they mad that in the 1900s, people were using dynamite to blast open walls within them to find treasure?

    Why would aliens visit 1000+ years ago, help us build shit, then just fly out of here on their spaceships and decide, "Hey, since we just help them build stuff, I guess we'll wait a few thousand years and come back...you know, to say hi"?

    Isn't it possible that engineering techniques were used to build the Pyramids? There wasn't much of a way to store data or record step by step processes to last over 2000 years when they were being constructed, so it's plausible even without our knowledge of how they were built.

    I just don't see why people jump on the alien bandwagon WHEN people (or should I say thousands of slaves) could just have easily built them too.
  14. My answer to this question is not socially or scientifically acceptable.
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    Try to explain how they got the final rocks to the top. Yea they may have tons of slaves to carry it but it still would require some type of machinery to actually get it there. And Last time I checked they did not have cranes when the pyramids were constructed.

    So if you can explain how the hell the egyptians carried super heavy rocks to the top of a slanted building then you may have a point. But I'll just stick with the intelligent life theory. Makes the most sense to me....
  16. OP that is some wisdom. Why would a civilization that is so technologically advanced that it possesses interstellar travel care about us, for better or for worse? It's like if we took an interest in the functioning of one ant colony, yet that colony was on Antarctica. We are totally insignificant to them. Do you try and contact ant queens? They wouldn't bother contacting us, trying to make peace with us, or invading us. If anything they would study us from afar or just blow us up if we were in their way. It's not like this planet is anything special resource-wise.

    That being said, we can't know how they would think. Their thought process would be, for lack of a better word, alien. Just look how different Western cultural practices are from, say, isolation-era Japan. Now imagine that difference magnified a billion times. They might come down and personally take each and every one of us to their utopian planet because that is what their culture demands. But that is unlikely. Do you try and spread human culture to ants?
  17. well, if they came here for something (gold, water, etc), they would more than likely need fuel. now its theorized that the main pyramid made radio waves, but its theory
    also, using slaves COULD have worked, but what about the pyramids in the americas? slabs even machines we have today couldnt move, cuts in rock that even an experienced rock cutter wouldnt even try.
    why they helped n left, perhaps as entertainment or as a base.
    a good question would be why? why would we build pyramids that required such work? why has pyramids popped up in multiple places around the world?
  18. dude dat made me realize a movie bout humans visiting aliens wud be cool as hell
  19. We have scientists today making new discoveries on bugs or ocean life all the time in remote places here on earth, insignificant beings compared to us. When we are able to travel through space with relative ease you can bet there will be scientists documenting and researching all forms of life they come across. So if we would most likely do it, why wouldn't aliens?

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