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Why am I still "high"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spiffy, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. I smoked a blunt yesterday, about 30 hours ago. This is only like my 10th time smoking but I've been getting higher lately than ever before. Anyways, I still feel really weird. It's like the high goes away and then comes back. I have really bad time distortion and tunnel vision at times and I feel like I'm watching mysel on autopilot or something. Does anybody have any idea as to what this is? I asked my friend and he described something similar and he thought it was like the brain trying to replicate the "high state". Thanks.
  2. If it's only your tenth time smoking, it could just be the afterglow or whatever. It'll go away.
  3. happens to me when i smoke way too much, its kindof a hangover i think
  4. Agreed, have also felt that after effect. It goes away if you think it away.
  5. ahh.. your having what i call relapses. if your an infrequent toker, a day or so after you smoke you get a sluggish aftershock. this happens because your body is getting rid of the thc molecules stored in your fat cells.
  6. Another friend said he had heard if you smoke anything or eat fatty foods you can intensify the feeling. Do you know if that's true??
  7. Either just the afterglow, or if you've been doing any running or general cardio excersie to burn fat, from what I hear smoking amplifies runners' highs or atleast that's what my friends claim. I've never really noticed it when biking so idk.
  8. you could be getting sick and your equilibrium could be off for any number of reasons, in some cases it can produce effects very similar to those of being high
  9. Okay cool thanks for the help guys
  10. same shit happened to me when i first smoked dank haha was "high" for like the next 4 days because everytime i ran around or anything physical ill get "high" again it can be annoying when you dont want to be high but it will go away dont worry
  11. I get that after I get really stoned. It will probably be gone in a few hours time - no biggie. If anyone notices you're acting weird just say you didn't get much sleep last night and you're tired. That excused has saved my ass and the ass of my friends countless times.
  12. your fat molecules absorb the THC so once you start excersing and burn fat the THC is released in to your body. science can also help you get high :D
  13. Your technicly still high for 2 days after you smoke because as other people mentioned, your body burns off the excess THC and due to the fact you have little or no tollerence then it effects you more than normal
    simple dawg

  14. That same shit happens to me too. It's usually fine, but I hate when it happens before I go to work. Say I smoke at like 10pm, and then go to work at 10am that next morning i can still have that phantom high, where i'm not really high, i can think fairly straight but it's mainly that i'm seeing differently, then tunneling out sometimes, it's a pain. Usually what I do is try to cool myself down, even if i'm already cold. Like I'll drink ice-cold sprite. Carbonated stuff works too. But what ever you do don't try to sweat, that'll make you feel hot and make yourself actually feel high again since heat worsens a high.
  15. Yo, i have the same problem as this guy, except mine is 5 days soo far... im really scared what do i do, if i sweat, and do more excersise do you think it will be gone ?

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