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Why am I so tight?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by runrabbitrunx, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. my ex-ex girlfreind was really tight too. me, i loved it!
    there would be times where she would get even tighter too where she would say it was unconfertable or hurt.
    try more conisistant foreplay or some lube maybe?

  2. gauge it! :hello:
  3. Attention

  4. ohhhhhhhh i see now

  5. I should rephrase it then. She's tight in both ways, not just depth. But the vagina is supposed to stretch both in length and in diameter when the girl's aroused, so that's what I was getting at.
  6. i thought this was going to be someone bragging about how cool they are

  7. lol, alright.
    only commented because i had just had a discussion with some friends about something very, very similar. :p
  8. My girl is also like this. Try to have him get you super turned on first. Even an extremely tight vagina will stretch to let in a big dick when your ready. Maybe try a little lube if you have trouble getting really wet.

    I ususally start out realy slow, just the tip. and as we make out and shes getting more into it i am able to slide right innn..... damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn but yeah a tight vagina is very hott. you are lucky and your mans even luckier.

    Sorry if this is graphic. im a bit fucked up. but this thread turned me on
  9. No, actually.
    It's actually because sometimes it's so painful that I don't enjoy sex.
    And sometimes it hurts as bad as losing my virginity and it sucks.
    And then because sometimes I pull away or sometimes I make really painful faces and it makes my boyfriend not want to have sex with me because he feels bad for hurting me--especially when it hurts when I just walk or sit down because I'm so sore.

    No need to be sorry.
    I like it when my boyfriend does it like that.
    It's definitely better when he puts it in slow and starts off kind of gentle.
    He doesn't always do that though. :X
    Sometimes he tears me up.
  10. #30 JuicyGoose, Aug 5, 2009
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    Honestly, if your boyfriend is that much of a dick that he has to jam it in there then he isn't worth your time.

    And instead of asking us for advice why not go to WebMD and type in pain during intercourse. It'll help you more than we could.

    I'm sorry, but this certainly seemed for attention. Most of your posts are sexually related and i just think you need to come up with more creative topics. Sorry if that was bitchy, but for real? What were you looking for out of this?


  11. hahahahaha omg wat a cunt! (a very tight one indeed)

    i kidd
    i agree with above cunt
    really girl
    maybe you should ask your doctor
    not a bunch of stoners
    i personally like the feeling of being stretched open
    the pain is kind of arousing
    but you just gotta be a freak i guess
    maybe you should get a boyfriend with a smaller dick:rolleyes:

  12. Yeah, really. This site is like 99% male, do you really think you'll be getting the answers you need here? And I'm sure if you google the topic you'll find all the answers and solutions to you're looking for.
  13. My ex was so tight that I hard a hard time getting 1 finger in her most of the time, much less two. Dripping wet even, didn't matter...

    Dunno what to tell you... good luck.

    Oh, maybe you;re subconciously doing kegal execises.... and you should stop....

  14. This.

  15. ROFL, first thread i've read all day. glad i started here.
  16. My girlfriend's the same way. It takes forever for me to be able to shove my best friend in side her, my fingers are usually tired as fuck by then.
  17. you no my boyfriend will fuck me until i can't walk and the next day.. oh my god i am in pain but...i ask him to fuck me again ..it hurts but it feels so good....:hello:

  18. see this is a realllllllllllll women!!:D
  19. You are there to accomodate the smaller men among us. Hey, someone's gotta do it! :D
  20. I have broken rubbers because chicks were way tight. It is normal.

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