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why am i so high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ARoid, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. the last 3 weeks i've smoked every day, maybe 1 or 2 bowls of mids from an eighth that i bought. i just smoked 1 bowl of it that wasnt even packed that tight. for some reason i'm way higher than i normally am but i have no idea why because i haven't changed my exercising or diet at all the past three weeks. i feel like my tolerance has dropped a ton in one day, what could be causing that?
  2. good weed? haha i dont know man, i noticed the other night that i packed my bowl less and that way i wasnt wasting as much bud and i feel like i was ripping way better hits too.
  3. Why oh why are you so high? Are you so high you could eat a pie? fly up in the sky?

    anyways, you should be happy not sitting here questioning it dude lol ;)
  5. Do not ask questions, just enjoy. There there are a bunch of smokers I know that aren't satisfied until they kill an eighth in one session which, in my opinion, is ridiculous. If your getting a solid high from small bowls of mids, just enjoy, at least it's working for you, man.

  6. man one time i smoked just over an 8th in some quality high mids within an hour anda half and i was completely out of my mind lol:eek: iv even got a stupid thread i made while i wasss high as fuck called "coma" lol go figures hahah
  7. Did you just smoke by yourself instead of with other people? But it's probably the bud that is better.
  8. You sir just got some good bud.

  9. Well you smoked daily.

    Eventually it catches up to you and has these little moments of "Super High" for no reason. Sadly, sometimes you'll get moments of "Can't get high enough" doing the same thing.

    I smoke A LOT. And I'll be the first one to tell you that smoking daily is not generally the best thing.

    It will regulate. Just be wary of why you're smoking every day, and be careful of that.

    Weed has a unique way of informing you of when you are using it too often. It's a very straightforward drug, if you listen to it.

  10. QFT :smoke:
  11. man embrace it. :smoke: in the future youll be wishing you could get that high again.

  12. ohhh maaa gaaaddd your in san diego too
  13. you're not high enough until you feel your face melting.

  14. Don't waste THC tripping out about why you're high. Just ride the waves and enjoy it.

    Why am I so fucking SOBER. thats the real question. :(

    I love when my face turns into face goo!
  15. Your bag is laced with pcp
  16. America's Dankest City. Hella
  17. Why?

    I know, I know, this is a huge party of smokers and crap, but I been smoking over 16 years......

    I know a thing or two :)

  18. chill partner. QFT means Quoted For Truth. He was agreeing with you.
  19. You high, because you high.

  20. thanks, this makes sense. i've decided i am going to abstain for smoking for the whole next week. it was seriously the weirdest thing though, because just a couple days i was thinking i needed a t-break because it was taking a lot more to get me high. then one day for no reason i get high as hell off one bowl of the same mids i had been smoking. puzzling.

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