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Why am I not high?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by discountmayo, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Ok, so I tried to make a marijuana coffee. I started by finely grinding up roughly a gram of bud and put it in a coffee mug. I then added enough butter to cover the weed, and microwave for about 20 sec until the butter was all melted. I then added hot coffee and stirred. I then strained the coffee through a coffee filter to get the rest of the weed out. I drank the mug full about 90 mins ago and still don't feel that high. I did smoke a smallv bowl about 30 mins before drinking, but I don't feel anymore high then I did when I smoked. I'm not sure if it was too weak or just hasn't kicked in yet. I put a good amount of weed so I was expecting it to be pretty potent but it still hasn't kicked in yet.
  2. Honestly, it probably would have been more effective to just smoke/vape the bud
  3. Probably because that is just so disgusting it won't allow you to get high for doing that.
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  4. The microwave heat was not high enough to activate the thc thingy that make you high, so you just ate weed outa the bag lol
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  5. Lol you have to decarb the weed first and make proper cannabutter. But mixing it with coffee? Gross. And don't smoke if you are gonna eat.
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  6. You need to use an oil that has fatty acids like hemp or coconut oil and heat at a low temp. Butter is a waste because it only works when it is cooked to high temp and microwaves destroy all living things within your food so that's not a great start either. Once you heat in coconut oil, you can mix that in your coffee or whatever else. It will mostly sit on top of whatever you are drinking, but the flavor will be hidden and you will get baked in 1-2 hours.
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  7. I didn't realize THCA was a living thing
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    I think He meant "active" as in active drugs...look at a bottle of Ibuprofen (or similar)

    The label will list both in-active ingredients, and the active ingredient ...(the ingredient that treats the symptom)

    In addition ... THC-A Technically is alive(kind of), as the flower cures, THC-A converts into Delta-9 THC,
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  9. Grind the weed and put it in the oven in a foil pocket for 15-20 minutes. Then heat it on the stove in butter for 40-60 minutes. Strain (optional, I guess since you didn't the first time) and mix with coffee then if ya like.

    You need to decarb, you need heat (oven, not microwave) and you need time. Hours, not minutes. Especially for bigger quantities.
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    Not to get off topic, but I wasn't talking about THC specifically. I just meant that microwaving destroys all the plant benefits, since that's how microwaves work. Picture an X-ray zapping you and cooking you from the inside out. Not only that, but you can't control the temperature at which it heats and therefore, THC could be incinerated as well as other chemicals.
    THC's flash point is only 157 degrees C so if you want to preserve as much as possible, you want to slow cook for as long as possible with as little heat as possible, using a rice cooker or crock pot- something with a top.
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  11. Caffeine and weed go directly against each other in my opinion so it's like a speedball that instead of making the effects greater just cancel each other out. ..
    You committed sacrilege and the ganja gods punished you. :D
    Go with something without caffeine & brew low & slow.  Perhaps a Gluhwein concoction would work.
  13. why don't you just boil the weed in a cup of butter and chug it while your at it?
  14. Decarboxylation - I'd go out on a limb and say that this stage is very important for most edibles. It's the process by which your canabinoids lose that carboxyl group and become active. There's a pretty good video you can use for reference on the first page of BadKat's Godly Edible Thread...that thing is insane.
    Imo - I'd go with making some form of cannamilk, then use that with the coffee.
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  15. I think you have to decarb the weed first. And probably, the microwave heat was not high enough wherein THC is heat activated and will not really affect you unless smoked/vaporized/cooked. 
  16. Also joint roaches can be great for edibles. No decarb either. But it will taste like crap. I think you need a better recipe. See above posts.
  17. What do you mean? Edibles and small joints are a goddend combination...

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  18. Ok. All I know is when I smoke, my tolerance goes up and you have to put in a quarter pound of weed to 1 pound of butter for me to get high off of edibles.
    Holy hell man...4oz of bud per pound of butter? You're a fucking monster. And I thought my tolerance was
  20. have you tried a tall building? or stilts maybe?
    joking aside, as others have described you need to decarb your bud. that is to say "activate" it for eating. you can still get high with out decarbing but it takes a lot more bud to do it. i make hot coco and dump a gram or so of premo bud. then i let the hot coco slowly simmer on #2 on my stove for 10 mins or so and that seems to do the decarb trick for me. it gets me fucking baked every single time.
    i use whole milk and heavy whipping cream for the extra fats you get out of it. good luck!!! :metal:

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