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Why am i not getting as high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MarleyIsaLegend, May 7, 2011.

  1. Ok so im new to smoking. The first time I smoked we were smokin afghani. I took like 3 hits off a joint, and like 3 out of this weird pipe thing. I got high but it was like i was just scattered brained a little. The second time i smoked some "dro" with my friend. it wasnt as good as my first time but i was still high. the 3rd time was the charm. i smoked a joint of what was said to be mids with my brother and i started feeling waves of tingles through my head and got cottonmouth for my first time and just overall what i imagine most people mean when they say they are high. my 4th and 5th time where just like my second. btw i have never had red eyes or the munchies. am i not smoking enough or whats up?:confused:
  2. You need to smoke some nice dank bud in a nicely rolled joint or blunt or take rips off a bong.
  3. Your first few highs are going to be really inconsistent. Just stick with it a few more times and it'll start feeling almost the same every time.
  4. a nice bong rip should do the trick

  5. this , just keep smoking and get different bud and you'll find where your " groove " is .
  6. When you smoke some good dank you'll know.

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