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Why am I going against my parent's rules so much?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by LovingTree, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I'm a good kid, but this year it's senior year in high school. My GPA through highschool as been 3.5+++ but now, the last quarter of senior year, I kind of have been not caring as much. I know it's bad and I know I should control my actions, but lately I've just felt the need to rebel.

    Also, I started smoking a little weed too, and I like sneaking out on the weekends. I just... want to feel free.. is this a normal stage in life? I'm 18 a male, and changing a lot...

    Be honest.
  2. Are you having a good time?

    If yes, why are you worrying about it? It's cool man.
  3. im a senior too i know what you mean.

    ive already heard from my colleges and whatnot so my grades are already accounted for in their eyes. and i got good grades too so schools when they get the 2nd semester grade report will be expecting me to not completely f up. thats all you gotta do too man.

    slacking senior year is a time honored tradition, but if you were 3.5+ gpa, just avoid any C's and you will be fine. do you know what you are doing next year?
  4. im also an 18 year old male, i was a senior but i ended up just not going

    it seems normal to go out and do a lot of random shit, and enjoy yourself. What's your mom and dad going to do beat you? ground you? like thats just stupid, just dont disrespect them, and abide by their rules for the most parts. If you want to go out on the weekends just tell them, your an adult.
  5. Lol, same exact thing happened to me senior year. I wanted to make it known to my parents that I'll do whatever the fuck I want and I wasn't gonna be held back they their bullshit anymore.
  6. its cuz you know that the things they dont want you to do are fun.

    you know there are consequences as well but thats what makes it more fun.

    you know there are vital learning experiences attached to these things. like why should i have to call and tell you where i am and where i plan on going. but even tho you know that sometimes these actions can end up hurting you, its still human nature to want to learn first hand. but what you can try is to tell them that you understand their concern and you know they want the best for you but you want to be able to experience life to its fullest and since you are aware of their opinion and concern and you will take all that into consideration and you will take their personal experiences and learn from their mistakes and be smarter about the choices you make.

    its cuz they care about you and you know really that at any moment you could get into something and they would be worried about you. but if you show some maturity in your response to their lectures or beratements then they might trust you a little more.

    dont just say i got it under control, or i know i know, tell them you know by voicing yourself. show them you are an adult. be a man. dont get yourself into trouble and dont cause them trouble by having to hear about it. make sure your school work is done and make sure that your responsibilities are taken care of.

    they will ease off your back in no time.
  7. When my kids grow up to be 18 and they post threads like this, what would I say to them?

    Tough to answer...
  8. Its a pretty normal thing for seniors to get burned out. Happens to some of them after 2 months of senior year. Luckily for you it didn't happen until school was almost done.

    Ask any of your teachers about senior burnout and they'll probably have a good laugh

  9. 100% agree.

    it was normal way back in middle school, you're trying to figure out who you are. you sound very sheltered and dependent on your parents views and judgement.
  10. Pretty much every guy i know had the same thing happen, and the teachers all realized it so they were really lax. I went out literally every week, my parents didn't care as long as i didn't fail any classes, i was already guaranteed to the colleges i wanted to get into, and i just had loads of money to blow, chicks to bang, and stories to make :D.
  11. I had that phase. Wait till you move out and are accountable only to yourself.
  12. "is this a normal stage in life?"

    man everybody is born into this world the same way there no set way to live. no fucking rulebook. do want you want you wont be happy living somone elses fucking version of your life
  13. Im in the exact same boat as you. I really dont give a fuck about what my mom says(my parents are divorced), I just do what i want and hope i dont get caught.
    Yea, i think calling in and checking up every hour is stupid, because i can control myself and be reasonable with my decisions.

    But the way i see it....

    1)Is my mom paying the phone bill? Yes...So if she says call me every hour, then i should be calling every hour on the hour.

    2)Is she paying auto insurance? Yes...So if she says dont go anywhere outside of the county limits, then i should stay within the county limits and no further.

    3)Is she paying mortgage on the house? Yes...So if she says dont bring illegal things in my house, then i shouldnt be smoking pot in her house.

    Call me hypocritical blah blah blah, but my will to please myself comes before my will to obey my parents, who pretty much do everything for me. But watevs, imma just chill and finish this blunt.
  14. yeah second half of my senior year in hs and the summer after was probably my most (outwardly) rebellious time in life. i also didn't give a fuck about anything. but what your doing, smoking a little weed, sneakin out on weekends, doesnt sound bad at all. it actually sounds like a normal good high school kid who does a few "bad" things every now and then and is ready to be done with hs. by the time i was where you are at i was smoking several times a day, doing lots of pills, and eating shrooms, and i dont even consider that very bad i just like drugs a lot lol.

    definately don't worry about it though, i think it's good you feel a little rebellious, live it up while you can, have as much fun as you can, just don't do anything stupid that will end up ruining your fun (i.e. get you arrested, in lots of trouble with the parents, etc...)
  15. Dude your doing wayy better than me, my gpa is fuckkked and college is pretty much NO option for me. i plan on traveling the country and making bongs and pipes as my career but i geuss im a little bit more of a pot head lol. but yeah slacking is the senior tradition second semester lol happens to the best of us... and worst of us in my case lol
  16. Its normal, everyone does it. Your just sick of school, so you stop caring haha

    But just keep your shit in check and have fun is all I gotta say

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