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Why Am I Getting Headaches?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by joej12321, Jun 12, 2013.

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    So I've been smoking for probably around 4 years now with the past year being anywhere from a quarter to half ounce a week. Up until a couple weeks ago I would never get headaches from smoking and the only time I would is if I smoked a ton in one sitting and ended up with a dehydration headache from not drinking any fluids. Lately I've been getting bad headaches when I smoke and I have absolutely no idea why. I'd say probably once every four or five times I smoke I get a headache. I have no idea why I'm getting these headaches all of a sudden because I know they're not dehydration headaches and sometimes they're bad enough to the point where I have to lie down in a relatively dark room for awhile to feel better. Has anyone else had this same problem or know of a solution besides taking a bunch of advil everytime I smoke?
    Edit: After googling and shit I saw some people mention weed blocks sinuses and according to the pollen is high in my area. My allergies also act up when pollen is high so does this seem like it could be the cause of these headaches?

  2. 2 scenario's when i got/ still get headaches- the first time i smoked 3 bowls from a bong years ago with a little amount of water i had a terrible head ache, also still to this day if i smoke low quality weed i get head aches.  i hope my experiences help
  3. Headaches and Back Pain, the two worst and most common problems people face. There are endless amounts of possibilities for what may be causing your problem. It could be the bud? Have you tried vaping instead of smoking? You mentioned pollen, it's allergy season, that could very well be the stressor. Sometimes smoking too much can cause a headache. Food/water consumption?..lack of is a problem. Other times you could just have a random headache, sometimes we people can get headaches (of course if it is reoccurring then it isn't normal).  :smoking:
  4. I get a bad headache every time I burn out. It sucks, but a quick nap and I'm fine.

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  5. Im the exact same man, I smoke everyday and about once a week I get that one killer head ache, I just make sure I drink a whole bottle of water before smoking, sip on another during and finish that one. Helps me a lot. As for the allergies that would make sense, I have them to an my over the counter allergy medicine works great. Trial and error my friend, good luck :)

    60% of the time, it works every time.

  6. First, you need to find out what's causing the headache or contributing towards it. When you inhale, how many seconds do you hold it in for? What type of bud did you smoke? Did you have any refreshments to relieve the feeling? 
  7. I've heard that some people can also be sensitive to the butane that is released out of cheap lighters. Since it doesn't combust with 100% perfection, you are actually inhaling small amounts of butane when you smoke, which can cause headaches. That might not be the solution but it's something to experiment with--you might want to try lighting with something else and see if they go away.
  8. If i exhale from my nose I'll get a headache from sinuses. Trying to break that habit. lol. As you said in your update it might be allergens in the air, plus the weed making you congested and headachy. 
  9.  I suffer from migraines when I consume any artificial sweetener. I find a dark room and a Ice pack a few hours later I am ok.  When I do get a headache from weed it is usually  low quality or not fully cured. Artificial sweeteners are used in products that are advertised as  Zero calorie or Zero carb etc.. I used to be able to handle these products about 5 years ago now I can't handle any.   Not sure if it applies to you but try to cut out any diet, zero calorie or zero carb refreshments and foods.   I believe  some of us develop a sensitivity to these products.  

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