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Why am i do paranoid everytime i smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by highnation, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. I ocassionaly smoke weed with friends and chill. 2 months ago something happend and i get paranoid everytime about it. Me and some friends smoked some pot in the apartment of my friend. First we started drinking and got a bit drunk and after we smoked a 1 g joint, we were 3 people that smoke. After some minutes my friend fellt on the ground and started vomiting and i was so scared thinking that everybody is stoned asf and started screaming and laughing, it was 02:00 in the night. After i get him on the counch and give him some water to drink and a bucket. 2 of my friends didn t smoke and sit with us. I started to panic more because i was thinking he will die because hes eyes were closed and he was shaking like hell. It was a nightmare trip for me but everyone was laughing and having fun. After this night 3 days in a row i was very scared and fellt the worse paranoia of my life. I have to mention that we smoked some indica and i smoke only indica. Never tried sativa but i want to. And everytime i smoke i feel like i m the only one who musst not get stoned and just look at others if everything its fine. How can i get rid of this. :( weed helped me with alot of things like social anxiety and more.. i found that the only thing that helps is smoking alone in a place without anybody. But it s 0 fun if i m alone.. sorry for my english. :)
  2. Golden rule..Smoke and then drink. Don't drink and then smoke.

    When stoned, let go dont fight it.

    Sativa is a more uplifting stone. I dont like Indica.
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  3. If you're going to smoke after drinking, it needs to on the come down from the drinks. Don't get fucked up and then fuck yourself up more with weed, get fucked up, enjoy that while it lasts, and then when you're sobering up again smoke. Like a pickmeup.
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  4. I find when I'm intoxicated from alcohol and I smoke pot it takes my head away from an already gone body.
  5. I need a coffee in between too
  6. I don't suggest smoking and drinking.. my sister got really sick and it completely ruined her image of cannabis.
  7. I bet she drank and then smoked.
  8. Something somewhat similar happened to me and getting high hasn't really been the same since then. All I can say is, keep smoking and it will eventually get better. But make sure you are in a comfortable situation and place when smoking so you are less prone to having anxiety and paranoia. Also, I know indicas are suppose to make you more chill but maybe try sativa and see what happens. If nothing else helps though, I suggest taking a 2-3 week break and then come back and smoke a little bit and see what happens

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