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Why all the sudden when I smoke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CSYZERO, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I start to shake badly in the legs and sometimes below my hips? Ive been smoking for about 3 years and never would get like that but now all the sudden it happens no matter what! Im sure it might be paranoia or maybe a panic attack even, but it really sucks and I can never just get comfortable. The thing is, I know im not that high yet I still shake.. hell im even telling myself "Why the hell does this happen even though I know im fine". I appreciate anyone that could help.
  2. Your smoking laced bud. Same thing happened to me.
  3. Sounds like an intense body high. But if you say you're not getting that high are you on any other meds?
  4. Bullshit.
  5. Could be dehydration. Do you drink enough?
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    actually its from the dispensery. Im also not on any other meds and I try to drink plenty to answer some of the other questions.
  7. Calm down bro. Just relax and tell yourself cannabis has never killed anyone. Use your mind to battle the intoxication. I think you are just having a bad high.
  8. Well, seems like the best solution is to quit smoking weed.
  9. just don't think about it, I know thats hard to do when it's happening but I have a feeling that it happened once or twice and then you started expecting it and your body responded.
  10. That sounds about right to me. Happened to me for two weeks... for some reason, I'd just get really shakey when smoking (not anxious or uncomfortable... just shaking). I started trying for force myself to forget about it, and it took a while, but I rarely do now (if I do, it's from being cold :p ).
  11. No I know what your talking about and it's not the shit you smoking... I get that too like I'm chillin in my buds car baked and I start to shake or, I just get inside and I start shakin.. It's random and I think the only way to stop it was for me i just had to chill out like suppaaaa chill
  12. I really appreciate everyones resposes so far.
  13. I start shaking only when It's cold, for some reason when I blaze I guess I'm more sensitive to the cold.

    One of the first times I blazed I was already cold and when I got high I was shaking so much more lol.
  14. Still get that, i dont mind it. Goes away after a bit. All i ever get is indicas too
  15. you should smoke more :smoke:
  16. i get that all the time and it just recently started happening, i've been wondering why and how to stop it aswell.. it goes away after a while but its annoying and uncomfortable.

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