Why all the sketchy friends?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cannabis Corpse, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I just found out that 3 of my really good friends that I've known 7 years ago when I first moved to this area, Just went camping without me. We planned on camping and they invited me like 10,000 times. We were going to smoke and shroom there too cause it's a secluded area.

    On friday I talked to 1 of the 3 friends asking what he was doing this weekend.

    he said, "Yeah me and 2, and 3 are going on a camping trip this weekend. We brought some bud too." (he is one of those kids who says bud a lot I hate it.)

    So I said, "Sounds Fun!....."

    Today another 1 of the 3 friends just called me saying, " Dude whatsup man?! We just got done camping and were so baked right now, I have to go home and take a shower and change my clothes but I don't want to. Want to hangout today?"

    I said," Sure...."

    He said he would call me later. All I just thought to myself was.... What The Fuck!
  2. shits bogus, find better friends is all i can say. if they didnt want you there, then why would you want to be there?
  3. thats fuckin weak, i hate when people say that they'll do something for/with you and then bail out on their word
  4. I kina wanted to go it would be a new experience with me going out camping in the woods with some friends getting hella baked and shrooming as well. I wouldn't mind if they told me they didnt want me to go. It's better than them not saying anything. Cause I'm sure they didn't want me to go...

    I have lot's of friends like that. Like about 80% of my friends...
  5. Wtf dude, don't consider these people your friends and don't even think about shrooming with them - bad idea! If 80% of your friends are like that, avoid those and hang out with the other 20%.
  6. that sucks man but it sounds like that did it unintentionally

    i would suggest another trip like that, im sure they would be down if they enjoyed it
  7. From what my friend said It sounded like they did enjoy it. I dont know if they got shrooms, but they got weed.
  8. Did you ever stop to think maybe there's a reason they didn't want you there?

    Not trying to be harsh but I'm sure one of your friends was like "nah, don't invite -----, he'll just [insert annoying activity here] the whole time and kill the trip"

    just a thought.
  9. No I didn't do anythign wrong. Their the sketchy ones.

    BTW the kid who called me today we saw a movie with a friend and we clambaked his car... So I don't even know...
  10. hey, just cause we smoked a blunt, doesnt mean i like ya...ive smoked plenty of blunts with people i dont like.
    im just being nice since smokin weed is all about good times and good vibes...after were done smokin...its fair game bro.
    all im saying is just cuz you clambaked his car, doesnt mean he's your boy.
    i hope you didnt throw down all the weed on that blunt too...
    i just think its time to reevaluate your friends.
  11. Wtf? we never smoked a blunt..
  12. There's the problem right there.
  13. Word, Jus cuz i shake your hand dosent mean your my boy.

    If 80% of your friends are like that then none of them are 'friends'.

    ***** i dont even have 5 friends that aient family.

    But i have alot of associates/partners.

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