Why addy is like a wonder drug...

Discussion in 'General' started by CoinOpBoy, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. I it sucks, I get home from work at 7pm, and for some reason my brain is the most active from 11pm-3am... Well last night I couldn't sleep at all, or didn't want to... so what can I do?

    Well,I decided to force myself to sleep for 4 hours....

    I woke up after that and hit 30mg's of addy straight into my system...

    I feel like a million bucks exactly 1 hour after I open my eyes...

    Now I'm gonna be awake and energized pretty much all day, be able to do my job, and get an extra few hours in...

    This is the most reasonable recreational use of the drug.

    Just to bring you up when you're down!

    Now I'm gonna shred on the guitar for 4 hours before I go to work, itllb e great.
  2. i dont like it.. i'm on it now... i want it to go away, im breathing hard, uncomfortable feeling... disturbance and paranoia, at times hallucinations.. it sucks man.. took 60mg... up all night, havent slept for 3 days, haven't eaten for 2 days... aughhh
  3. Yeah the come down and side effects of doing too much, or alot over a long period of time aren't worth it..

    But if you use it responsibly it can enhance your daily life.
  4. Yeah... I like Hydrocodones a bit more, they are a bit like addies, but don't last as long and don't have that much negative side effects.. and I can't handle addie's god damn tingly "adrenaline pumping" buzz for 24 god damn hours. I feel so sick right now.. and I have fucking school today. God damn.
    Not to mention my lack of breath, and unable to go up 12 god damn stairs...
  5. yuck. robbing your body of sleep and paranoia is never a good thing. At least use something more natural.
  6. i'm not using god damn stimulants again..
    fuck it, anyone have some suggestions for me so I don't die today?
    I have a really disturbing feeling that just tingles all over my body.. THE FIRST 3 HOURS WAS FUN, THE THE LAST 21 HOURS IS FUCKING UNBEARABLE...
    im like really panicking and shit with lack of breath..
  7. get up and walk in circles if you can't get out of the house and walk. I just walked to subway and back; as I expected it got that heavy feeling out of my chest. you're going to be fine bro. take lots of vitamins in the morning. B&C are the most important ones for replenishing seritonin levels if i'm not mistaken. 5 hour energy should do the trick for the appropriate amount of time, no?

  8. DAMN your twacked the fuck out man!!
  9. reading this thread reminds me of my coke days... jr. in high school id blow 2 lines before going to class and be all tweaked.... come home blow 2 lines ten partied untill 4am slept for 2 hours and blew 3 lines to wake up

    coke is bad.... thats why i stopped
  10. i remember i did addies once, too many...i was a bit bigger than i am now (i lost 50lbs), and i took 210mg, did 7 of em...finished everything i needed to do in 5 minutes, and then was running laps for like 2 days:rolleyes:

    slept for a whole day after, still wasnt right till about a week later
  11. The tingles will fade with time, you just gotta deal with it, you aren't going to die, but I'd suggest taking off school today to get some much needed sleep.
  12. Bleh, I can't stand addies. I have no clue how people do them for fun. Only way I'd take one is if I had to take something like the SAT or do a serious job when I was extremely drained or needed them.

    How are Hydrocodones like addies? Ones an amphetamine and the others an opiate.
  13. You did 210mg at once? holy shit dude, that's insane. I'll take two 30mg IR's and be fucking tweaked out for like two days.
  14. For those of us who suck royally at keeping with things, be it academic or work related. Like when I finish a tech support call, and if I don't write notes I'll forget what I did to fix their problem. And how I'll forget someone's name only a few minutes after they tell me. And how I always start things but don't finish them.

    Adderall is a life saver.

    Alot of you don't understand what its like to not be able to focus on anything for an extended period of time.
  15. if you would have seen me youd think i was like a fat version of tweek from south park...i was twitching, and just shaking and shit....that was awhile ago...
  16. I'm jittery

    twitch here and there....

    this is right now. who cares. that's what the pill does. lol. ( i mean sure if u take a 20 ml pill and your supposed to have 10 your abusing it) but whatever. You're fine. Eat some food or do something more active. Then take a shower.
  17. Thank you.
  18. Adderall is an amphetamine.

    I think people really underestimate it.
  19. uits not somethig to be taken lightly, adn as many of you already know it can really freak you the fuck out. If you are still feeling jittery, try to remmebr to taek slow deep breaths, drink some hot decaffinated herba tea. try to listen to some relaxing music, do some meditation, somethign mellow.

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